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Tarot General, Manifestation And Love Guidance For Today (29 March 2018)


Daily Tarot Forecast for Aries:

Seven of Wands Reversed

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It seems that you might be reluctant to stand for yourself or may be would not know how to. There’s an energy of reluctance in delving deep into matters and you want the day to superficially glide though. There’re people who are still attacking you may be from the front or without being visible. The best way to deal with vindictiveness is to stand for yourself confidently and no letting others get under your skin.

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You might be too ready to say “Yes”, so watch out. It might lead to bad decisions and moreover lower self-esteem. Manifestation energies or the energies of Law of Attraction works only when we are vibrating at a higher energy of confidence. So, watch out.

Love Reading: It might be that your partner and you have some fears and which is why both of you are confused. Its better to clear the fears rather than building the insecurities more.


Daily Tarot Forecast for Taurus:

Strength Reversed

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There might be disharmony in your day extending it to all things possible. At times you’re too mean either to yourself or others. A bad day and a bad attitude can create more challenges than require. So, whatever the person in front is saying or doing don’t let yourself go down to their level. Maintain your dignity.

It seems to be important to you to show how better you are to others, and many a times this shows your own vulnerability and low self-esteem you have. Be conscious of what you’re doing and why. No act today should be based on fear.

Love Reading: Better than any other days if you’re going for a date or are meeting somebody. Relationships will be grounded, more on an equal footing so lots of harmony there.


Daily Tarot Forecast for Gemini:

King of Swords

There might be somebody strong and efficient who might be ready to lend a hand of support to you. He or she might be in a position of power and that’ll clearly help you promote your ideas well. Things will go smoothly.

The energies of manifestation are strong and if your experience is good it’ll really help. The experience might not be of the job technicality but to understand and know what to say when and what to attract, and if that is achieved the day will be blissfully successful.

Love Reading: If your or your partners behaviour doesn’t make sense, communicate. There might be an urge to lash out at your partner, but don’t try it. Controlling everything in love is difficult, so let go.


Daily Tarot Forecast for Cancer:

Three of Wands

You’ve been working well and your foresight to things will help you achieve what you wanted to today. May be a report, may be a more malleable relationship with your boss, seniors, colleagues, may be completion of some work. Whatever it is you’re achieving it today.

The Law of Attraction is working just fine. You know how to blend and work with people thus extracting support and help. It’s going to be of great push to your efforts today. Keep working knowing that your efforts are paying you back.

Love Reading: If you’re dating somebody new and the person acts weird at times, know that you’re not held in high esteem. Understand that the respect is necessary for any relationship and so be respectful of your lover but expect the same. If not make your position clear.


Daily Tarot Forecast for Leo:

Knight of Swords Reversed

You might feel very motivated today and at times it might mingle with frustration to make you aggressive. Understand the difference between what’s working in your life and what’s not. Strength doesn’t have to shout from rooftop, so choose between your actions. React not, but respond should be your mantra for the day.

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