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Tarot General, Manifestation And Love Guidance for today (24 March 2018)

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Daily Tarot Forecast for Capricorn:

Five of Cups

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There might be some possibilities of regret in situations or relationships. Some partnerships or lovely acquaintances will end either because the heart to heart connection is no longer there or because they are moving out to another territory.

Maintaining the emotional balance in emotional crisis might be difficult but has good pay off. You have inner strength and you know what is good. So, there is some regret, but learn the lesson and move on is the manifesting mantra.

Love Reading: For many of you it seems the end to a relationship is near and for others it’s a day of separation because of some hurt. Whatever stage it is for you know that time changes and you need to understand why to avoid the same situation again.

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Daily Tarot Forecast for Aquarius:

The Moon Reversed

You might not want to reveal everything to your group or colleagues or partner or your senior, but this unwillingness might bring in difficulty for you. There’s a chance that you’re misjudging a situation so contemplate and analyse again without your personal prejudices.

Find that centre of calm and peace and you won’t go astray or out of line. Meditate and ground yourself to Gaia and centre to your inner being. This will help you remain steady in the light of some difficult revelations.

Love Reading: A lot of emotions everywhere and so arguments and fights might become easy. Remain in your being and grounded and be conscious of what you speak and how.

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Daily Tarot Forecast for Pisces:

Nine of Wands

Don’t let your worry overwhelm you as you know somewhere deep down that your position has improved and you’re better than you were. You’re tense so, work and the people around you seem to be so. Let go and understand that your energy will affect your reality. This worry-ness is without ground. Relax and be calm.

Your perseverance and patience are really working and you’re looking at things differently now. The fight is still on, there are challenges today too, but you know you’re there and so you’re making more efforts and they will really pay off.

Love Reading: Don’t be argumentative, speculative, judgmental and criticizing and you know you can be all 😊 chose peace because the energy has been so good today, you don’t want the higher frequencies to go down.

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By Paulamie Das

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