Tarot General, Manifestation And Love Guidance For Today (1st April 2018)

Love Reading: Love should not become hard work but a space to feel free and open, without fearing of being judged. You might have to work on that area 😊 but it’ll be worth it. Make your relationship a space of love, sharing & giving and start today.


Daily Tarot Forecast for Capricorn:

Five of Swords

There might be little satisfaction when manipulation is involved. Remember to act with integrity and honesty. Even if your partner or your relatives/ colleagues want to achieve something anyway, you keep a strong mind and use it to thwart anything that seems underhand. There seem to be little balance now in your day and you need to maintain that. Communicate and listen well, things might change for you that way.

Whatever your desires are know that the right time and the right people don’t need to manipulate anything to achieve alchemy. Alchemy is a natural process so be patient and try to not let greed enter into any transaction from any side so you remain untainted and no regrets later.

Love Reading: Not a good day to argue or start on things that are in the past now. If you want more connection with your partner or date then the right thing is to communicate with sensitivity and love and not trying to argue on your rightness.


Daily Tarot Forecast for Aquarius:

Eight of Wands Reversed

You’re not sure what to do and so you won’t act today on many important things or might be that you don’t want to. Might be your thoughts are too self-centred today and so you’re not able to see the plights of others and not considering the later repercussions of the act. Think wisely with compassion and maturity towards you and others.

Generosity is the energy that attracts more. So, if you want your manifestation to come true in your physical reality you need to change the feelings of lack. Lack comes in many forms and its when we are not generous to others and even to us shows the energy of lack that goes deep down. A great day to start changing that reality of lack with abundance by being more generous.

Love Reading: A little strain in your relationship might occur today. But not to worry too much over it and try to find a solution. If its impossible to include your partner, let them have their space.


Daily Tarot Forecast for Pisces:

Four of Wands

Todays the day of celebration and happiness with friends & family. May be your project has just started, maybe you’ve realized how precious your thoughts and ideas are and have taken steps to work for it. May be there’s been good news for you today or you’re meeting some friends or family today. A great day.

Manifestation will demand good energies and with the happiness bubbling from within, you can attract more, so remain conscious of your day and how you’re spending it. Be happy and cheerful. Remember like attracts like!!!

Love Reading: More commitment for some, for others marriage or engagement and still for those who are single a good omen. A great day to invest in the energies of love.

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