Daily Tarot Forecast General And Love – 15th February 2018

Daily Tarot Forecast General And Love - 15th February 2018

Daily Tarot Forecast General And Love – 15th February 2018

Daily Tarot Forecast for Aries:

Reversed Page of Cups

Don’t be too enthusiastic, too sarcastic, too engrossed in yourself today. The day needs handling with care and that is what will not have you any future regrets. So be conscious of not so good situations and work sensibly in both work life and in personal. If you are looking for a property or a new job, not the right day to sign on the dotted line.

Love Reading:

Thinking about what could be in your relationship won’t help. Communicate fairly and honestly.

Daily Tarot Forecast for Taurus:

Six of Wands

You will be wary today about difficulties and will only be half thinking if today you’ll know something not pleasant and encounter any blocks. Try to be easy on yourself and not push wherever not required. Work slowly and give your mind some rest and may be not pushing too much will be a good idea with colleagues and people in general.

Love Reading:

You will feel good with your partner. If you are single many people will be willing to help you find that love.

Daily Tarot Forecast for Gemini:

Ten of Wands

You will have a lot to do today and have to put in the extra effort. Being lazy will definitely not do. But many of you’ll be happy about the work because you’re getting what you wanted. This extra load means opportunity to you. Many of you’ll feel bogged down and not good about the extra responsibility. Your idea about this will create your future. Many might be given extra responsibilities at home too which you were anticipating.

Love Reading:

Lots of opportunities for both single people who are looking to meet new people out there and people with partners too who can deepen their relationship because theres a lot of love around you today.

Daily Tarot Forecast for Cancer:

Eight of Cups

You will feel overwhelmed today by the situations that will crop up in your workplace, maybe it’s not directly hitting you but you will be affected. Keep quit and try to analyse the situation before jumping to conclusion or speaking about it. Keep aloof from taking sides. Keep your cool.

Love Reading:

You won’t be in a mood to talk or be light with your partner. Today’s not the right day to talk much or try to improve situation if you’re single.

Daily Tarot Forecast for Leo:

Ace of Swords

The day will be very sharp on nerves, so seeming difficult situations and problems might crop up in workplace. Personal life will be lackluster today. You’ll find wanting things to be clearer to you on in every area of your life. Work and no play day today.

Love Reading:

Try to analyse the situation with your partner more rather than taking hasty decisions or leaping to conclusions. Same goes for single ones who might want to judge others too much.

Daily Tarot Forecast for Virgo:


Nine of Swords

Not a feel-good day for you as many of you might have health issues. Things might not be going right with anything and you ‘ll want the day to end. Don’t get disappointed with everyone and everything, days change, time changes, so keep looking for hope today.

Love Reading:

Don’t burden yourself with your partners’ thoughts or feelings. Try to relax and let things be for a while. Wanting to put efforts might ruin situation.

Daily Tarot Forecast for Libra:

King of Cups

A day you’ll look back with satisfaction. Lots of feelings all over you and you’ll feel good with them. So, go ahead and bring the joy and carefree attitude you have today get rubbed on others. Work will be in balance, relationships will be good.

Love Reading:

You feel out of sync with your love today and will want the easiness to flow which is a little difficult.

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