Tapping Into Your Consciousness And Feeding Off On Your Energy

Tapping Into Your Consciousness

On a Vedic Truth, as I said it’s the state of Chinna Mastishka, this is when your crown chakra is leaking because you are not feeling comfortable in your naval chakra which is related to security. We are all one. We have the same reality inside and around us. We can move into any reality or frequency inside us by thoughts. Through thoughts, our reality also changes. When we are in a victim mentality and we are desiring to save, we give out our thoughts. When we hear our thoughts, we start to get triggered. But the point is the situation is an indication that you save yourself. You preserve your thoughts. Yes, thoughts can travel but from your experiences from your sense of wisdom how do you choose to frame your understanding of the already known concept is up to you.

When you have healed issues in each chakra, you have done your inner work, the gift, the art, the beauty and vision of the life you will have and be filled with is beyond your imagination. No two-piece of art can ever exactly be the same and two books will never be the same, you can always have your uniqueness which is a direct reflection of your unique experiences in your personal life.

The fear is in losing creativity. But creativity or true knowledge or understanding is never lost when real and not stolen,it’s always within you. It gets deeper and deeper. You need to do your healing, you need to go and address each experience even if it was a beautiful memory, holding onto a nostalgia will create attachment which affects you in several other ways especially if you are in the twin flame journey.

Therefore the shadow work is very necessary along with chakra healing. After the healing and clearing are done you can manifest a reality of your dreams. It’s not about coming from the ego, it is about being yourself in the authentic most way where you are absolutely clear to your conscience. A clear conscience is key to liberation. Thank You. Have a great day.

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