Tapping Into Your Consciousness And Feeding Off On Your Energy

Tapping Into Your Consciousness

The ultimate path of healing is to do your inner work. The inner work is to go deep in every feeling and understanding by automatically understanding that everything and everyone is an aspect in you within. When you do the shadow work through absolute clarity, there is no gap Or veil you feel around you and your trust in God is preserved. You feel motivation and gratitude from every creator and you feel they have been the reason for your motivation and success. You just know God is magic, God can make anything possible. A person who did not do the inner work will tap into the collective consciousness and random thoughts outside of the person will affect the person. This is why many fallen angels were tapped in or children were tappen onto since their growing years by psychics. This happened from the lack of absolute understanding of what the human body is like and how it works. Neither the psychics knew nor they bothered to do the inner work. These are the people who are creating a major issue in the first place. They apparently feel they have done a lot of inner work and through meditation, they can just get some pieces of information which they channel. This is why doing the inner work is so so so very necessary.

In my book Offers To Malik The Journey Within I have clearly mentioned the process of how inner work is done and how you can do it. The book will, in fact, help you integrate a state of consciousness beyond fear. The ultimate point is to not allow anyone into your consciousness and allowing your thoughts to flow then and there. This will lead to a state where you will be marveled to understand and realize how being you then and there actually intimidate those trying to be you because they will realize what a copy cat they are in the first place leading to a transformation and focus to be unique in individual authentic ways which might further trigger but authenticity is the beauty. Some of us who have the truth have a hard time coming up with it in public forum because we wonder if it will be judged but when the idea of being judged absolutely falls off, we start to realize things. Each chakra connected to a parallel reality, those are the seven heavens. People who are root chakra based find it easy to work doing an office-based work which requires physical work. Sacral chakra gives confidence to creativity, existence also darkness, repression from not seeing its divinity. Solar plexus gives strength power, leadership to help you gear up the strength. The heart chakra is love, I am always in love and I love to love. Nothing on earth can affect me from being in love with God. I am in immense gratitude for all that is. Then there is throat chakra strength to speak or talk shit or judge. You see perspective. Then the third eye either you can play with the various terms and fool people or really see as you see through clarity you get clarity. Finally, there is the crown chakra where we are connected to all that is. Now problem with some people is that they have not done their inner work, they think they know it all. They don’t respect other creators, they are always protesting, seeking for justice. Then there are people who put you in the veil more because since they can see, they want you to find out. But without doing inner work if you are stuck in a chakra, you will literally feel your thoughts are being stolen. But you are a free spirit, the point of healing is to have a free state of mind. The sense of security, mother issues, needing to be saved is a part of the victim mentality. The very consideration in fact thoughts travel medically is regarded to as schizophrenic.

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