Tapping Into Your Consciousness And Feeding Off On Your Energy

Tapping Into Your Consciousness

The topic of tapping into your consciousness and feeding off on your energy is finally being addressed in the community.

Tapping Into Your Consciousness And Feeding Off On Your Energy
From what I see and hear, also have felt throughout the journey that it was one of the main causes of trigger even for me. But the truth is that china mastika is a state of consciousness in awakening when your crown chakra is leaking. Not specifically from you but in mass thoughts reach to those who connect to the collective consciousness in the old ways.

You can stop that by doing your inner work and connecting to the source in the portal above the crown chakra in Angel Star Chakra Consciousness. This is the G777 consciousness.

I am aware because I was born as an earth angel. That can intimidate you but it’s my living reality. I am a love fairy. But to be connected to the state of consciousness I am in,you need do the shadow work till you are truly clear to your conscience absolutely transparently. Then anyone attempting to tap into your consciousness consciously will not be allowed to but will be redirected to the source within, to God. You have the free will to do so. I have done it too and I feel glad I choose to protect myself from the energy drain out of different shades.

But the new way and ultimate way is to the first choice to do your inner work, your shadow work. In this video, we will be working on how to not allow the consciousness tapping in to happen. The attitude of protesting that your idea is being stolen is the source of the idea and knowledge in the first place that thoughts travel. Now understanding that definitely you don’t want your thoughts to travel in the first place. So make the conscious decision of sealing your chakras allowing no thought to be traveling in the first place.

They are your thoughts, you have a problem if they travel. You should claim them as yours and let them travel through you, in form of you then and there as you have them. In this way, you will not be intimidated.

The way to seal your chakra and stay in alignment without having to deal with anything at all is to speak your heart and mind out and that is when new thoughts are given birth to you along with new ideas. The expansion is never-ending. It’s very important to do your inner work and understand the frequencies are connected to the chakra points. The chakra alignment is an integral part of the healing process with clearing and healing. But that is never enough. The real healing is in the deep shadow work and that’s is what ultimately thins the veil.

The basic agenda of shadow work is choosing to see your darkness than running from it. I have been a writer all my life, I have been a content developer literally forever but I had my period of creative writing blockage too and I am more than thankful to it from there I learned healing found many new avenues to earn and expand my business. This cultivated in me the idea that you can always be open to new ways of earning and having more ways to earn money. You create your reality and no other script direct your life. But your script where you write about your great health, great wealth, great abundance, great love and so on. But lack consciousness gives you a sense of competition when your focus diverts to who you are competing with than the target that it’s your life and your purpose. My focus never derailed and I was always on point because my target was to motivate more people, make them understand there is more to life. Some received my information in gratitude and some in a state of competition .it had a respective impact on them and their organs within. Who felt gratitude felt my love and who was competing felt restlessness, intimidated, burns, irks but that is called karma. I knew the source of my creation was a journey within. As a writer, I can tell you the best that nobody is stealing your state of consciousness. It’s all within. Each chakra holds memories and memories hold the wisdom and understanding the wisdom leads to liberation.

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