13 thoughts on “Tap into what you learned from what you felt”

  1. If you were like me… it required both- express & feel those hurts-grieve & allow emotions suppressed for 40 years… then detach is possible, to get to lessons/understanding level.
    It was no small matter nor a quick fix, altering a lifetime habit…but we all have that power & I hope, we all find 'our own way' because it & LOVE is that important!

    1. The price is the emotional health. People often avoid their emotions in support of an ‘intellectual’ solution, but the intellectual solution when analyzed by outside sources turns out to be irrational. Anger issues, drug use, compulsive habits, overspending, etc. are based in emotions, not rational facts. Giving someone with an overspending issue the ability to budget is an intellectual solution, but most times the overspending is rooted in past emotional issues that have not been resolved. The ability to budget does not help.
      Now if there is severe psychological trauma and the person cannot function you can offer the intellectual solution to allow them to function, but they still need to later address the emotional issue. If not, the short term intellectual ‘savior’ becomes more of a burden then the original issue.
      The solution is to face it and wade neck deep into the emotional issue and begin to deal with it. This can be done by oneself or with the help of another safe and supporting individual.

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