The Subtle Art Of Taming Your Mindset

Art of Taming Your Mindset

Here is a four-step process for anyone who would like to take control of their mindset so that it can give them the necessary “wings” to achieve their dream outcomes:

1. Forget the common misconception that mindset is a deep pattern that is very hard to change.

Rather, think of it as a contextual and fluid pattern of beliefs and attitudes that you can set and reset with regard to different focuses and goals.

2. Identify your current focus from the five core focuses above.

They will each require a different mindset. For my client, it was getting more satisfaction from her work.

3. Explore your meta mindset—and ask the question, “What journey am I on?”

Where are you coming from, and where are you going? This includes exploring your vision, ambition, mission, and purpose and the role you need to play to achieve your goal.

Hint: First, you need to find your purpose and passion. My client realized that her purpose was to help science professionals with a writing block to write a book.

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4. Explore your micro mindset.

What actions do you need to take on a daily basis that will help you to achieve your goal? These practices center around four areas of focus:

  • Your customers and the relevant products or solutions you offer.
  • Your dream team.
  • The right processes and stakeholders.
  • Your alliances and partnerships with complementary others.

Hint: Finding your zone of excellence and teaming up with complementary others may lead you to your zone of genius. For my client, it was starting a writing class project for scientists that she facilitated with someone else while also keeping her day job. This eventually led to forming a new and successful venture and leaving the job she disliked behind.

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Written By Mickey A. Feher 
Originally Appeared On Psychology Today 
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