Take a walk in my shoes

Or should I say with my suitcase?

So what it is like to be in my shoes, your shoes or anybody else`s shoes at all? Have you ever asked yourself this? Or did you just briefly think of it as a nice saying?

As much as the mankind is ahead of time in many ways, there are still things that should make us wonder why do people still insist on being trapped in some kind of frames that only exist in their heads.

I guess everyone of us felt at least once unpleasant vibes that wanted us to question our life choices but made us realize there are no right and wrong choices. There are only the choices we take and the ones we don`t.

Getting married and having children are two wonderful things and turning points in life, but not everybody wants to do that whenever the rest of the peers do it.

Does not having a child (two, or even three) makes those people any less serious about life than the ones who do have children? Definitely not. 

The love for family life in 20s is someone`s love for adventures around the globe or pursuing the dreams they always wanted to realize. It could also mean having the time for yourself to work on personal self development. We are each individuals and we take different ways.

Life often feels a lot like the time back in school but with adults included, at least by age. Sometimes that looks like playing a psychological game where everyone has their own role; 

Since when does anybody have a right to value a person based on their lifestyle? 

Knowing something about the field someone is familiar with doesn`t make a person an expert of other people`s life. Someone might lead a family life when someone else has done volunteering abroad, is pursuing life career, has travelled half a world on his own or moved to a country without knowing a single person there. 

Leaving a comfort zone is something a lot of people postpone or never really do it – because it`s scary. It means you have to pack your life in two suitcases (maybe three, if you get to be lucky) and literally go with the flow, leaving all the familiar faces and environment behind you and be prepared for the unknown. 

For some, it sounds appealing, but the majority still thinks of it as of something you do to escape the reality. Ironically,  it`s far from that in reality. In fact, doing such a thing IS reality. A lot of people are afraid of not having a single person standing next to them and guiding them, and they are not prepared to ask a stranger for help when needed. Because trusting a total stranger and relying on him in some way, contributes to your self growth and tells a lot about who you are as a person. It makes you a bigger person as the one who is afraid of asking for help. The one who is not afraid of asking for a help a complete stranger, is also the very person who will be ready to help others.

Therefore or as a result of a paradox, those scared people staying in their safe zone are the very same people who tend to teach others about life and give them advices they have never asked. Sometimes you just can`t identify with someone`s life philosophy because we are different.

Which is fine. Diversity makes this whole world so wonderful. We are not all meant to be Marco Polo on his discovery of the world. And not all are meant to live the same life either. That makes it so fascinating, doesn`t it?

But diversity is interesting only when it`s accepted or at least trying to be understood if not being applauded. What makes us rich is not the money we earn or following the patterns we think we must follow. It`s learning one from another. 

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