15 Things Introverts Crave In Romantic Relationships

15 Things Introverts Crave In Romantic Relationships

Are you dating an introvert and not quite sure about what an Introvert wants from a relationship?

Look no further. 

Let’s talk about facts. Introverts are great lovers.

They aren’t as difficult as you think them to be. These dreamy-eyed lost souls will keep you wondering ‘what’s going on in that beautiful mind.’

They will take you for a ‘mystery ride’ but leave you madly in love once you click well with them. 

15 Things Introverts Crave In Romantic Relationships
Things Introverts Crave In Romantic Relationships

Here are 15 things An Introvert wants from a relationship: 

(Promise, we don’t need much from you, except for these few things)


1.  We crave your cuddles,

on a lazy Sunday afternoon, while watching our favorite show.



2. We crave your acceptance,

just the way we are – crazy, daydreaming, overthinking, messy individuals.


3. We crave your protective arms around us

like we are babies, who need to be loved and pampered.


4. We crave to plant the seed of our never-ending, everlasting, love,

which will one day grow in leaps and bounds.


5. We crave to look deep into your eyes

until every ounce of our love is sipping through and drowning you in it.


6. We crave your patience to wait

until we express exactly what we want. We are slow at processing, but when we start doing it, our mind is all going hayward.


7. We crave your confidence in us,

to believe in our ability to express everything when we are overwhelmed with emotions.


8. We crave time.

We want time to relax, de-stress ourselves, and stay away from all types of social interactions and everything we are expected of.

giving him time

9. We crave freedom and space for us to refill ourselves

with the life-giving energy potion, and come back to you with replenished energy to love and care for you.

alone time

10. We crave your empathy, to understand us and connect to us beyond the usual

so that you can feel us deeply, more intensely and our union happens at a higher realm.