People Say I’m Beautiful

We see in others what we should see in ourselves.

People say I’m beautiful. I don’t believe it. I say people are beautiful. They don’t believe it. I guess we all just don’t see it.

The Voice Inside You

The voice

There is a voice inside of you
That whispers all day long,
“i Fell That thus is right for me,
I Know That this is wrong.”

Lifes Promises

Lifes Promises

Life has never promised you anything, nor has destiny..but people did… some said they would never leave…..lie! some said they would love you until death… lie! some said you were the most precious one… lie! Life is made of such sweet lies. all that matters is how you faced the …

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Types of Intelligence

Types of Intelligence

Found this Interesting What kind of Intelligent are you ? #LetTheMindTalkBegin #ThemIndsJournal


“I AM” is realization of truth about oneself. We all come across conflicts for which there is no answer. We entangle our lives, emotions, relationships, decisions that surround this confusion of “What is right” or “whatever happened to us or whatever we did to others”, what that right ? ….The …

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