A Rape Survivor

Head hung low and covered face in a veil The sunrise and sunset with no startling tale.The unpromising life swinging on a thin thread.

I am an Indian woman

I am an Indian woman

I am female. I am Indian. My thoughts, my life, my soul, my body are not mine, but belong to my parents, my husband and a society that worships mothers and reviles daughters.

Colour ‘PINK’ in India

Colour 'PINK' in India

Centuries have come, centuries have passed but the suffering of women refuses to die. Statutes and provisions have been legislated ,Colour ‘PINK’ in India


I feel like screaming at them and tell them that they have no idea what I had and am going through and ask them if they have ever wondered the pain I am still bearing. Once again, I was silenced and was instructed to not open my mouth!

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