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9 Clever Mind Games Narcissists Play In Relationships

mind games narcassist play relationship

Most narcissistic people often portray themselves as a commitment-phobe and claim to have a huge traumatic history behind it. They will tell you all kinds of stories like how their parents broke up or their ex-girlfriend or ex-wife broke their hearts and now they are just too damaged to commit. The commitment game, a classic example of mind games narcissists play while dating.

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The Egopath (Narcissist) And His Circle Of Slaves

Egopath His Circle Of Slaves

The Circle of Slaves Euler diagram shows the relevant relationships of the Slaves of the EGOPATH.

It represents a full power structure of the EGOPATH’s slaves and overall inform you what to expect when an EGOPATH has taken over a workplace (or country) and isn’t held accountable!