5 Ways to Make Your Woman Feel Loved

Ways To Make Your Woman Feel Loved

Have you finally found THE ONE and are you looking for ways to make your woman feel loved?

Are you worried that you are just a clumsy guy who doesn’t get women at all and that if you don’t do some research you just might lose her?

Unfortunately, as the old title says, Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus. Men and women are so fundamentally different that sometimes it hard to imagine how any relationship can ever work.

I am here to tell you that you can be in a successful relationship. I am. And here is what my guy does to make me feel loved every day.


1) Be honest.

So, tell me the truth. How many times have you told your woman a lie to protect her, to keep her from getting hurt? How many times have you figured that what your woman knows doesn’t hurt her?

I have a friend who, when he dates a woman and then doesn’t want to see her again, he doesn’t tell her. When she reaches out he responds but curtly. When she wants to do something, he vaguely makes an excuse. He is waiting for her to walk away from him. Why? So he doesn’t ‘hurt her.’

What men don’t understand is that women are stronger than men think they are. So many of my clients tell me that if their guy would just tell them the truth then they would be able to make a decision about whether to fish or cut bait instead of having to sit around, wondering at his behavior.

So, if you have done something that you know might upset your woman, tell her! If you are going to work late, tell her, even if you think it will upset her. It will upset her more if, when dinner is on the table, she gets a text from you saying that you won’t be home.

Be proactive. I promise that one of the most effective ways to make your women feel loved is to respect her strength and be honest with her, even if you are scared of how she might react.

AND, know that if you try to keep a secret from your woman it will, eventually, come out. And when it does, her trust in you will be violated and good luck coming back from that one.


2) Make time.

I know, I know. Life is busy. There are work and friends and sports and mothers and kids and pets and chores and they all take up a lot of time.

That being said, while all of those things are important, the most important thing is right in front of you – your woman. Imagine if you didn’t have her. What would you do then?

When your golf game needs some work, you practice more often. If a project at work is particularly challenging, you stay late to get it done right. So, how come so many men don’t put the time into their relationship to keep it a happy one?

Spending time with your woman doesn’t mean not paying attention to the other things in your life but it does mean making her a priority.

I have a client who plays golf every weekend, with his wife’s permission. When he reached out to me he was feeling some distance from her and he wasn’t sure why. I suggested that he not play golf one Saturday a month and make that a Saturday just for them.

What happened? His wife was thrilled to spend more time with him and she felt special because she knew that he was giving up time doing something he loved for her. Her distance immediately disappeared and they have a lot of fun on those Saturdays.

So, make your woman a priority. I promise you will make her feel loved.


3) Use your words.

I can’t tell you how many times I have asked a client if they tell their partner how much they love them, how much they appreciate them, how beautiful they are.

What do my clients usually say? I don’t have to tell her. She already knows.

I can promise you that, even if your woman knows that you love her, she wants to hear it from you. Why? Because every woman (and most men) like to be told the how, and why, they are special to you.

Today my beau and I were discussing how he didn’t have many habits that bugged me. Sure, he leaves his OJ class on the counter every morning and his truck is so old that it’s often not reliable but I realized that none of those things matter because he tells me he loves me all the time. Clearly telling me how much he cares about me gets him out of a whole lot of trouble every day and makes our relationship strong.

You Will Learn To Appreciate Her, Only After She’s Gone

You Will Learn To Appreciate Her, Only After She's Gone

Appreciate her worth and emotions. She is worthy enough to receive your appreciation. Respect her feelings before she decides to leave you.

She’s the type of girl you won’t appreciate at first. One who will try too hard and always be available.

The type of girl who is easy to read because she’s honest and blunt and forward. It won’t feel like much when you have her time and attention because she gives it to you so easily.

She’s the type of girl you won’t get too excited about because you’re never wondering about how she feels.

She’s the one who answers quickly. Initiates plans. Invites you everywhere. Tries too hard.

And at first, you are going to realize she’s different. That she deserves to be treated with the same respect you haven’t even earned yet but she gives it away for free.

In beginning, you are going to treat her well.

And in return, she’s going to treat you better and try harder and just continue to give like it looks easy. Because to her, it is. She naturally thinks about others before herself and it’s admirable.

Then suddenly this quality you admire and respect you’ll take for granted.The calls you used to answer, the texts you’d respond to quickly suddenly there’s a shift in you.

Suddenly you have her figured out and yes she’s different but she’s so easy to read, you know what move she’s going to make and what she’s going to say even before she says it.

She’s nice. She cares. She isn’t afraid to show it.

And then you suddenly become like the rest of them. Even though you swore you never would treat her as badly as others might have you start to. You realize no matter how you treat her she doesn’t react to it. She just keeps being exactly who she is.

And that’s a different type of challenge for you. Because part of you wants to test her and get to her. So you try to and now you are playing games and messing with her head and being a complete asshole because you want to see how much you can push her until she breaks.

She’s not naive and she’s not stupid. She knows exactly what you are doing. And even though she likes you even these type of girls get to point where they get tired of trying so hard.

She’ll fade from your life a little slowly. Then when you do think about her, you realize you haven’t spoken in a while. But when you reach out and she answers again quickly, there’s a shift there.

Suddenly she’s not caring to keep the conversation going. She suddenly stops trying and investing emotions and effort into you. She stops going out of her way. She stops inviting you everywhere. Because even girls like this realize some people aren’t worth it.

Then this girl who you spoke to every day slowly becomes this stranger. And the conversation is cordial but awkward.

Then it hits you you’re standing in the same room as her and she feels like a stranger. You miss her even though she’s so close to you but emotionally far away.

She’s gone but in haunting close kind of way.

Then you start to miss her.

You’ll look back

and realize you didn’t appreciate her or value her the way she deserved. Because despite being shown the bad sides to you, you realize she always saw the good.

You’ll look back

to every lie and excuse you ever told and you realize how understanding and tolerant she was of your BS.

You’ll look back

and realize she probably deserved so many sorry’s but she never even asked for it or cared.

You’ll look back

at everything she ever did for you and you realize you didn’t even invest half that effort into her.

You’ll look back

at how many times you said no but when you asked her to be somewhere or do something she always said yes and was there.

You’ll look back

and realize you weren’t kind to her and she never gave you a taste of your own medicine.

You’ll look back

and realize she really did love you unconditionally and support you in everything you did.

If You Want Her In Your Life, Give Her A Reason To Stay

If You Want Her In Your Life, Give Her A Reason To Stay

My pride, my ego, my needs, and my selfish ways caused a good strong woman like you to walk out my life. Now I never, never get to clean up the mess I made, oh…And it haunts me every time I close my eyes.

I should’ve bought you flowers and held your hand. Should’ve given you all my hours, when I had the chance. Take you to every party. ‘Cause all you wanted to do was dance.” -Bruno Mars


Don’t take her love for granted.

Don’t think she’ll always be there.

Don’t expect everything to be the same if you aren’t reciprocating what she’s giving.


Don’t pick and choose when you care, thinking you can put her on some back burner.

Don’t give her a reason to walk away because all she wants to do is stay.

Don’t let her fall for you when you’re only going to catch her sometimes.

Don’t ignore her when she gives you her undivided attention.

Don’t make her question herself.

Or feel dumb for loving someone like you.

Don’t be the reason she’s up at night not sleeping at 2 am missing you.

Because you’re there but not there the way she needs you to be.

Don’t make her feel like her best isn’t good enough.


Don’t mess with her head because you’re unsure of what’s going on inside your own.

If you like her, do something.

If you like her, say something.

Show her through gestures that she matters and you are choosing her.

But more than choosing you’re making her a priority.

You’re making time for her.

Meet her halfway because she’d be willing to go all the way.

Don’t keep her close to boost your own confidence.

Don’t hurt her.

Don’t disappoint her.

Because she’d never do the same.

If you care about her even a little and you can’t reciprocate it, let her go.

Because she doesn’t deserve to feel empty as she gives away pieces of herself to keep you whole.

She isn’t like the rest of them.

Value her.

Appreciate her.

Make her yours.

Or let her go so someone else can.

But the thing is she doesn’t want to leave.

She just wants you to want her.

And love her. The same way she loves you.

But she’d never ask that.

Instead, she’ll wait patiently hoping something will change.


“He could feel her letting go; with every word she spoke, she sounded distant. And he found himself reaching more than before. Although he never said it, he didn’t want her to go.” – But Before You Leave 

Written By Kirsten Corley

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You Don’t Appreciate Her Now But You’ll Regret It When Someone Else Does

You Don’t Appreciate Her Now But You’ll Regret It When Someone Else Does

You didn’t see it but she spent a little longer getting ready that day, fixating in front of the mirror. But you didn’t even tell her she was pretty.

You didn’t see it but she spent a lot of time trying to find something perfect to give you. Only you didn’t even say, ‘thank you.’

You didn’t see it but her face sunk as you canceled plans again.

You didn’t see it but she stared at her phone after a paragraph text and all you replied with was ‘K.’

You didn’t see it but she cried herself to sleep because for some reason no matter how she tries, it just never seems like enough for you.

She doesn’t ask much of you and accepts the little bit you have to give, while she’s over here trying so hard to make you happy.

Because you don’t see how happy you make her. You don’t see her eyes light up around you. You don’t hear how highly she speaks of you. In fact, you don’t see her much at all. You don’t see her value. You don’t appreciate her love and her kindness. You expect it.

She never lets you down, yet all you seem to do is disappoint her.


She doesn’t ask for attention, yet she gives you all of hers.

She misses you and you get annoyed because you think she’s clingy.

She says ‘I love you,’ and you reply, ‘I know.’

She’s every first text because she wants to talk to you.

She’s every first like because she supports you.

She’s every first view on snap chat because she’s wondering what you’re doing but more than that wants to be a part of it.

She’s every share or tag in a meme because she’s thinking of you.


What you both don’t see yet is her future doesn’t include you.

Because one day she’ll grow tired of trying so hard. One day she won’t have more love left to give. One day she’ll realize you aren’t worth it. And it’s going to break her heart to walk away.

But one day she’ll meet someone who will give her everything you couldn’t.

And when you realize, what she won’t see is how much you miss her.

What she won’t see or hear is how pretty you think she is now, with this new guy because happy girls are always prettier.

What she won’t see is you typing a text only to delete it because you don’t know what to say but you want to.

What she won’t see is how you saw something and thought of her and wish you could have got it.


What she won’t see is how lonely you feel without her, as you lay alone wishing she was next to you.

What she won’t see is that realization of how happy she made you, only it took losing her to see it.

And you’ll wish you never disappointed her or let her down. You’ll wish I said ‘I love you’, even though it took until now to realize it.

You’ll miss every text and like and snap and share.

You’ll wish you never took her for granted.


And as you follow her life, as often as you do, when she posts that picture of her and her forever, you’re going to hate yourself because it could have been you.

Written By Kirsten Corley

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You’re Losing Her Without Even Realizing It

You’re Losing Her Without Even Realizing It

Are you losing her?

It’s the texts you answer at your convenience.

It’s the snaps you look at then put down your phone.

It’s every like when you’re bored because you’re wondering what she’s up to.

It’s every canceled plan when something better comes along.

It’s the attention you give that’s the bare minimum. But she takes it.

Because at least for that moment, she has your time and attention when she’s always given you all of hers.

Don’t take people for granted

It’s every surprise you take for granted. Even though, she thought a lot about it for a while. It’s not caring enough to even consider reciprocating those things.

It’s the favor if you need one, that always goes answered every time. Even though she’d never ask the same.

It’s the nights she wishes would turn into the morning but you have some sort of other agenda, as you say goodbye.

I Was Way Too Available For You

You label her as easy to read. Because the truth is you know if you want her you can have her. And where is the fun in that?

Where is the fun in someone only caring about you?

Where is the fun in honesty?

Where is the fun in love when everyone is chasing after questionable likes?

Don’t push someone away

But the truth is you’re losing her and not even realizing it.

You lose her a little more every time you don’t answer.

You lose her a little more every time you cancel plans.


You lose her a little more every time you choose someone else when the only person she’s ever chosen is you.

You lose her a little more every time you don’t appreciate her.

You lose her a little more every time you take her for granted.

But what she doesn’t realize, as these feelings she has for you, blinds her to the truth. She’s more than enough for you. It’s you that isn’t good enough for her.

Because if you were worthy of her, you’d realize her value.

But one day you’ll lose her for good. Because she’s going to get to a point where there’s nothing more she has to offer and she’ll walk away. And it’ll hurt her to do so. Because she looked at you with wide eyes full of faith that depleted over time.

Too Late!!

One day she’ll be the one not answering.

One day those snaps you send will be ignored and you’ll send another just in case.

It’ll irk the shit out of you, the moment she starts treating you the way you treated her.

You’ll ask her out and she’ll politely decline.

You’ll blow up her newsfeed and begin to become more interested in what she is up to but more than that who she’s with.

If You Love Her, Don’t Destroy Her

If you Love her, Don’t Destroy Her

Ask yourself, would you destroy her, if you really loved her?


If I ever loved a woman, the more I loved her, the more I wanted to hurt her. Frida was only the most obvious victim of this disgusting trait. – Diego Rivera


You definitely love her.

If you are with her, it definitely means you feel a gamut of emotions for this particular person. You must have also envisioned a life with her. Everything turns topsy-turvy once you start treating her utterly miserable.

When a relationship ages, it often feels mundane and worn out. But the crux of it all is still fresh. We often become unaware of the transition of a pleasurable moment into a habit. It is the habit that feels monotonous, not the person.

Do you remember the first time you laid eyes on her? How she had swept you away, to the land of desire and affection – her sense of humor, her sensitivity, her thoughts, her independent nature; everything about her stirred you. Those numerous moments of palpitating heart at her mere presence, those euphoric feelings every time your eyes met her’s, those sleepless nights when her thoughts kept you awake; everything conjured up to the most enthralling experience of love and longing.


Above all, what intrigued you the most in her was her integrity, her completeness.


Fall in love with someone who matches your worth

If you love her, keep her this way. Keep her beautiful, keep her wild, keep her complete.

After the phase of courtship is over, she is head-over-heels in love with you. You both are lost in the dreamy world of promises and hope. Over time, the ecstatic feeling of being in love, the heat of seduction, the fiery passion gets replaced by feelings of security, warmth, and attachment.

It is in this phase of the relationship when most of us give in to chaos and confusion.

When she fell in love with you, she trusted you. A relationship invariably comes with a concoction of emotions. The standard, the impression you set before she will define her expectations from you.

The least she expects from you is to be real.

If you love her, don’t destroy her.

Everyone has a past. Mostly a person’s past is one which is painful and unacceptable. Everyone comes with their own set of baggage from the past – some of them are too dark and morbid for themselves to handle.

She has her share of scars from the past; she might have her personal issues. If you really feel love towards her, you will automatically feel the urge to hold her, contain her pain and join her in the battle of her life, instead of making her life more unfortunate.

Don’t let her down.

It is understandable that two separate individuals have distinct personalities, a unique set of values, ideas and attitudes; clash is unavoidable. At some point or there will be discordance between you both but don’t escalate it to the point where you think you can sabotage her wishes and desires.

Know her, discover her every moment you explore your relationship.

She expects you to be emotionally present for her. Ghosting her is the worst form of treatment you can give her.

Be there for her as she is there for you. Listen to her when she is a complete mess, comfort her when she is breaking, support her endeavors and embrace her true self.

Stimulate her thoughts, her emotions, her being. Dive into her soul as you’d dive into the cool of the ocean.

If she comes to believe that you need her rather than want her, it will completely wreck her. If she could be there for you selflessly, working through your frenzy, you could too. She is not your savior. You both are each others lesson and inspiration. She needs you, your care, your empathy as much as you need her love and attention.

Selfishness should not make you blind to your own wrongdoings. Neglecting and ignoring her when she desperately needs you, can destroy her the most. This will just trigger her past experience of being abandoned by people who mattered the most.

She will complete you, fix you, without your awareness – just don’t make her an agent to fill the void inside of yourself. Just don’t give up on her.

Why You Have To Choose Her Everyday Or Leave Her

Choose her or lose her. She is not a backup plan and definitely not a second choice. 

Unfortunately, it’s a shame on me that I never chose the woman I loved. 

I was naive and young when I first fell in love. For me, that was like a touch of summer sunshine after long chilling winter nights. I was lonely and alone. My friends had given up on me. My parents were losing hope. I was growing older, more frustrated and upset with my life.

Then, there she was, the person who swept me off my feet! NO! She was not that typical diva, who people fall in love with at first sight. She was the wildflower.

Every time I talked to her, every time I looked at her, every time she smiled at me, a part of me churned. Gradually, without even my conscious knowledge, she slipped into my mind and ever since then, my love for her was growing every bit in my heart. Finally, it grew so big and fat, I started finding her irresistible. Now, it was impossible to stay without her, even for a second.

She was brilliant, elegant, sensual, dignified, a powerhouse of strength and affection. she was an exquisite woman. She would make my whole body shudder with laughter, as she cracked witty and dark humor. Her exotic beauty had left my mind boggled. It felt like I was tasting heaven – spending every moment around her grace, her genuine concern, waking up every morning to her snuggling in my arms.

I loved her wildly. I was glad I chose her. 

Sadly, with passing years, we started becoming extremely bitter to each other – finding faults in each other, hurling criticisms at each other, making each other cry. We both were spiraling into a toxic relationship – leaving no space for our love to bloom. Surprisingly, my only dream to be with her turned into a nightmare.

Every single day became so challenging that I even started asking myself if choosing her was really a good decision or not. I wondered if other women would be easier to love, easier to be with!

Every single day I chose her lesser and lesser. 

I didn’t leave her like I promised I wouldn’t. But it was worse than that. I was with her but, suffering every day, wishing to give up on her. Giving up seemed an easier escape than holding on to the extreme pain and disheartenment.

Choosing her would mean refocusing on those beauties she brought to my life: her laughter, beauty, sensuality, playfulness, companionship, support, protection, love, care and so much more. 

Instead of focusing on the positivity, the light she shed on my life, I started paying attention to her flaws and imperfections.

I started becoming critical of her insecurities, her demands, her internal conflicts, her expectations, and her desires. The more I did so, the more I decided to choose her lesser. The more unattractive, difficult and impossible to handle she became. I started to view her as a burden and no more as a gift that she was.

Now, she started fighting to make me choose her. Which was so foolish of her! She must have known that you cannot make someone choose you, even if you love them.

I think I gradually started losing my place in her heart, which was justified. She was angry, frustrated at me. I think her anger was because she felt insecure and instable with me.

She thought I would stop choosing her.

Which is what I eventually did.

Even though I was with her, I had abandoned her in the worst possible way. I did not choose her anymore. I completely started ignoring her needs, stopped showering her with the love and affection she needed.

By focusing on what I detested in her and not on what I adored in her, I had already deserted her. I had let her wither and die, in the scorching heat of our intense rage, like the dried flowers I lovingly brought to my house.

From my years of experience, I have learnt the biggest lesson of my life – to always choose the woman I love over anything and everything else.