Taco Delight

Taco Delight

Taco Delight

Barb co-owned a small corner taco shop in the middle of downtown and locals usually chose her business for lunch since she opened just before and the meat she used every day was always fresh; just out of the slaughterhouse and onto the plate, kind of fresh.

People from all over the valley knew about Barb’s cooking. She had the incredible talent to make anything she made taste like Grandmas homemade recipes; tacos, dumplings, spaghetti, cornbread—you name it.

Margery, Barb’s older sister and co-owner of the taco shop, made her way behind the counter and into the small office in the corner, where Barb was just getting comfortable sitting down in her chair after the lunch rush was over. There was one thing that Barb never mentioned to Margery and it had started to get under her skin about the secrecy. Margery had been wanting to know where her little sister got the meat from and how it was kept so fresh since working there she hadn’t seen or heard about any deliveries with it. Any time it was mentioned, Barb would scoff and find something to make herself busy elsewhere—therefore always avoiding her sister’s questions.

Margery let it go for a long while, until late one night when she was closing up the front of the shop and locking the doors, her sister comes running from the back office with her phone in one hand and car keys in the other exclaiming she had to leave for an emergency. Margery wished her well and continued to lock everything up…

She shut off all the lights but didn’t go home until her curiosity was cured about what was in her sister’s office closet that she kept so well hidden and almost welded shut. After an unsuccessful search for the correct key, Margery picked the lock, slid the doors open carefully and quietly, and upon doing so, screamed and dropped her handful of keys onto the tile floor.

“So that’s why she hid it from me; we can’t get caught serving human remains again.”

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