7 Synchronicities and Why You Should NEVER Ignore them

Synchronicities NEVER Ignore them

4. Thinking of Someone and then seeing him/her or receiving a phone call!

This is amazing synchronicity. It’s been a while since you last talked to Mary. By against all odds, you are somehow thinking of her! Then, right after a while, you actually greet her in the streets or you receive a call or text from her! Coincidence? No of course not. Do you know what are the chances for this to happen? Believe me, it’s more possible to win the lottery.

But why is this happening? Probably because you developed a strong telepathic link which actually led to this amazing communication, attracting each other.

What to do if this happens:

You should probably start trying to develop your telepathic abilities. Moreover, you should try to figure out, why did this happen with this person. What does this person symbolize for you? Could this be an omen?

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5. Thinking of an Old Song and then immediately listening to it!

What an odd situation. Again, this is extremely ‘lucky’ because the chances to win the lottery are of course higher. It is no coincidence.

But why does this happen? Maybe because you start to develop prophetic abilities, receiving glances of the future. You are probably extremely intuitive and this power is expressed this way, so you can take it seriously, without any doubt!

What to do:

If this happens, HAVE FUN WITH THE SONG! Show the universe how much you appreciate it! Send a grateful message. When the song is gone, go to a meditative state and ask your Higher Self what did this means. Is the song an omen trying to prepare you for something that’s coming? Maybe it’s advice? Keep off asking for signs! Here’s a guide!

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6. Hearing the Answer to a Question that bothers you from a Random Stranger

You are bothered by something yet you don’t know what’s the right answer. And then, someone is saying something on the phone, which you accidentally happen to hear! Could what he just said be the answer to your Question?

It’s very common to receive a solution from a random stranger who is accidentally speaking to his friend or saying something on the phone. They say that God(s) works in mysterious ways. This might be a divine intervention, this might be the ‘voice of God’ speaking to you directly.

What to do:

If this happens, try to remember the conversation. Observe what is happening around this stranger. What is s/he wearing? Memorize the message and the colors which may actually serve as messengers. Here’s a guide for Color Messages.

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7. Something Reminds you of Dream you had Last Night!

Throughout human history, it’s extremely common to receive divine messages via Dream World. Many prophets or Saints had the ability to foresee the future through important dreams.

Witches know that Dreams are a Realm, equally real to our Material One. Moreover, s/he who has mastered to willingly travel to the Realm of Dreams is called ‘Dreamwalker‘ and is a very powerful type of Witches. Here’s a guide to see what Type of Witch you are.

What to do if this happens:

To access the Realm of Dreams requires patience and practice. However, if something like this happens you need to write it down and begin a dream journal. This will help you monitor your experiences in the Dream World which may actually be much more meaningful than you might think. See here how to do so.

So Tell us. Do You Experience Synchronicities?

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7 Synchronicities and Why You Should NEVER Ignore them!
Synchronicities NEVER Ignore them Pin
7 Synchronicities and Why You Should NEVER Ignore them

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