14 Unique Symptoms Of A Spiritual Awakening

 February 15, 2017

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14 Unique Symptoms Of A Spiritual Awakening

9. Receiving The 11:11 Call With Regularity~

1111 is often regarded as the spiritually significant numerical sequence.  Those who are experiencing a spiritual awakening often see 11:11 on digital clock, in phone numbers, on license plates, receipts, and other places.

10. Regular Instances Of Synchronicity~

Synchronicities, or meaningful coincidences, become common place.  

11. Accepting Death~

If you become aware of your eternal nature, death starts to feel less scary and more acceptable.  In a spiritual awakening, one may come to comfortably understand that death is simply a transitional state, rather than an absolute “end.”

12. An Interest In Activities That Foster A Mind-Body-Spirit Connection~

For example, yoga, meditation, or the martial arts.

13. Receiving Messages, And Understanding What They Are~

When we become connected to our spiritual nature, we become aware of messages sent to communicate with us or inspire us.  For example, at a critical moment you might see exactly the words you need to see written on a street sign or billboard.  You might also see a cloud formation that is significant or meaningful to you, like a heart or an angel.

14. Experiencing “Oneness” ~

This rare symptom must be felt to be understood, but it is a moment of total clarity, whereby an individual feels wholly connected to everything in the universe.  Deep meditation can help facilitate this knowing feeling.

Have you experienced any of these unique symptoms of a spiritual awakening?

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5 comments on “14 Unique Symptoms Of A Spiritual Awakening

  1. I have experienced most of those symptoms but the thing is I end up in a mental institute after experiencing most of those symptoms and some of them trigger my insomnia. How can I keep on track ( meaning how can I continue to evolve spiritually without ending up in a mental asylum).

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