What The Symbol You Choose Reveals About Your Personality

We all have certain colours and shapes that we prefer. Our preferences are displayed through our choices in clothing, home decor, hair styles, and even our taste in music.

So it’s no surprise that if you like things clean and organized, you will have direct preferences with colours and shapes that would correspond to that. For example, you may prefer light, bright colours like white or light grey, and more modern styles and shapes with clear cut lines.

Let’s take a look at the picture below and choose which one you are drawn to the most. Take into account the colours as much as the shape itself. Once you have chosen the one that really calls your name, find it’s meaning and see what it reveals about your personality.

1. Breezy


You love warm weather and going to the beach. You know how to relax and stay calm even in crazy situations. People love spending time with you because of your warm and breezy personality.

2. Compassionate

You are very in touch with people’s feelings. You are compassionate, spiritual, and probably a vegetarian (or at least tried to be at some point in your life). You enjoy hikes, hot tea, and a good book. You like both cats and dogs equally.

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3. Fierce

You are calm, cool, and collected, and altogether that makes you one of the fiercest people around. You have a great sense of style — not only in fashion but with home decor. You either have a pet cat or have had one once before.

4. Fun

You are the life of the party. People love your spontaneous and wild nature. When you go out, you usually stay out all night. While you come off as very outgoing, you secretly feel a little nervous around new people. Unrelated: When you were little, you loved dolphins.

5. Rational

You’re very down-to-earth and rational. People respect your opinions and love going to you for advice because of your thoughtful nature. You’re very even-keeled and sometimes worry that makes you boring. But fear not — you are definitely not boring! Also, you like dogs more than cats.

6. Deep

Your rivers run very deep. You have strong feelings about society and politics. You love loud music and aren’t scared to rock out hard at a concert. Your friends are like your family. You’re loyal, strong, and resilient.

Did your choice sum you up to a tee? Let us know in the comments!

Source – Mystical Raven.com


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What The Symbol You Choose Reveals About Your Personality

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