“Swan Song”


To be herself
Song of the ‘Self’
Beautiful and Powerful Poetry by Monika Ajay Kaul


  1. Thanks Monika,
    I love poetry and I love exchanging opinions in a non threatening way.
    Interpretations, responses, opinions and points of views are of course, a matter of individuality. And, for me that's what makes it so engaging and exciting.
    This discussion about the meaning of your poem, brings to mind a story I recently heard about a great English composer.
    A conference was being held regarding one of his works. There was spirited debate whether the piece had a romantic theme. The debate was spirited and protracted and it appeared that the issue would remain in passionate dispute.
    Until … a thundering voice from the back of the room brought the discussion to an abrupt stop:
    "Of course this piece has a romantic theme, and I know because I bloody well wrote it!"
    It was the great man himself, Edward Elgar
    I did enjoy reading your poem, I sense the images.
    I am very pleased to have made contact with you and am
    also thrilled that I have won hearts, even though that was not, of course, my intention.

  2. Hi Jennifer Sebits…
    I'm sorry… In no way, I meant to tease my readers.
    Sometimes it's like " pouring my heart out rather than pouring my mind" !!

    My poem 'Swan Song' is all about "Her", who is trying to overcome her shortfalls, her anxieties, her insufficiencies and LET GO of these harsh feelings.
    " She" is unaware of her strengths initially; yet slowly and steadily she is gaining resilience; making it her forte…to win hearts.. to complete herself… !!

    Hope this makes sense to you…I ain't any expert myself but I love to play with my words…try to create something extraordinary… Something which everyone can relate to.

    Thanx for your precious feedback 🙂