How I Survived A Narcissistic Mother and how you can do it too

survive narcissist mother

Written by Dr. Fabienne Slama
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survive narcissist mother

3 thoughts on “How I Survived A Narcissistic Mother and how you can do it too”

  1. Thank you so much for writing this. Unfortunately, I know all too well how violent narcissists can get when threatened. My mother used her childhood trauma as a means of absolving herself of all guilt for how she treated me and my brother since she didn’t do to us what her mother did to her. To this day, I am very sensitive to touch, and I react quickly when I feel my boundaries are being crossed.

    I have finally started to grieve my childhood, and while it has been painful in many ways (the mind/body connection is real), I feel that I am taking real steps to be able to have real love in my life. I’ve been able to be more honest with my friends and supportive family members, and it’s helping me have deeper, more enriching relationships with them.

  2. thank you for your article! my mother was a narcissist supreme, i smiled thru your whole article. we have much in common. the feelings of worthlessness, uselessness to her are overwhelming at times. i had allot of physical violence unfortunately, growing up. I’ve done alot of work thru out my life, self-help, therapy, DBT groups, etc.,& i can still be affected to this day butt i keep on moving forward towards healing & health with my mom. she is 76 now i know to keep her safely at an arms length, for my own well being. it’s lonely at times, not really what you day dream of when you think about mothers but at least I’ve got one! I’m grateful for that! glass half full! some folks have no mother!

  3. That would have been too obvious. It was a low-level dismissive statement, nice enough to sound like she was concerned for me and hurtful enough to still impact my self-esteem yearrs later. I have been trying to explain this. But always fall short. Insanely accurate … Ty

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