4 Rare Superpowers All Empaths Have

Rare Superpowers Empaths Have

3.) Transmute The Negative Only You Can Feel

So many people are affected by negative influences which are invisible in the world today. Empaths are acutely aware of this. An empath can even walk into a room where a negative conversation or act just transpired, and though it isn’t currently happening, they can sense the negative energy that lingers. Isn’t it a great superpower of an empath?

Instead of being a victim of this sensitivity to energy – look for positive energy first, and TRANSMUTE that negative energy. Practice a quiet five-minute Tonglen meditation. Bring high-energy plants or flowers to a place with low energy, or simply utter encouraging words and thoughts to people around you who were also affected by the negativity. Even better? Find the humor in the situation and share it. Even the most vile circumstance has a funny side to it. Use laugher to literally create intimacy and openness where there was none.

4.) Turn Your Sensitivity Into A Highly Coveted Skill

Do the wrong sheets make you break out in hives? Are certain smells absolutely revolting to you? Do non-organic foods cause you terrible gastro-intestinal distress? Do you need quiet in order to sleep, and alone time in order to off-load all the smells, sights, sounds, and emotions you’ve absorbed all day long? Instead of looking at this trait as if it were a burden, use it to your advantage. Sensitivity is one of the interesting superpowers of an empath.

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You could become a perfumer, and advise companies on removing chemicals and adding natural scents to their products. You could help others eat divinely prepared food by becoming an organic chef. You could develop quiet spaces like gardens, libraries, or meditation rooms that not only you need, but that others would revel in, without even realizing that they were desperate for your gift. Use those sensitivities to create a peaceful haven in the world, and your empathic skills are no longer a curse but used to fulfill your life’s purpose.

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There are many more ways you can put your empathic superpowers to good use. Feel free to share your ideas in the comments section, or when you share this article to social media.


Written by Christina Sarich

4 Rare Superpowers All Empaths Have Whether They Know It Or Not2
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7 thoughts on “4 Rare Superpowers All Empaths Have”

  1. This is true.
    Well done and many will benefit from this information. I spent the majority of my life with significant issues that come with the gift. I was able to turn the curse asit was into what it was meant to be. It took time and commitment and consistency. Once your there it is more or less a tremendous lift off of you. You have control of the tidal waves now. Instead of getting blown out to sea daily. And the mind reading is dead on. I’ve had that ability since 13 yrs old. Can be easily misused if your not careful.
    Thank you for this article. It was good.
    Hope many of the cursed see it. With some research and commitment it can be turned into a superpower and the psychic side , esp etc. Is all true. I know 6 empaths. Real ones and they all have ii in different degrees and areas. But they all do. It’s funny sometimes the conversations that happen with very few words spoken. .take care and we’ll done.
    – R. Bauer
    Redwood Valley, California.

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