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Sun and Sabbats: The 8 Most Important Wiccan Holidays

Sun and Sabbats Most Important Wiccan Holidays

All comfortable, cozy, warm and homey things are associated with Mabon like ciders, dried seeds, acorns, gourds, and wine. Spells on transformation, gathering, protection, prosperity, harmony, and balance are cast during this time. Rituals like honoring loved ones who have passed away and decorating graves are also held. Moreover, offerings to nature, libations, seeking blessings from gods and goddesses and feasting with covens, friends, and family are also conducted during the Autumnal Equinox.

8. Samhain, Witches’ New Year (Oct 31-Nov 1)

Samhain - wiccan holidays

Perhaps the most important and grandest festival in The Wheel of the Year is Samhain, which is also known as Halloween, Hallowmas or All Hallow’s Eve. This sabbat celebrates the end of summer & fall as the Sun God goes to sleep. During this time, wiccans prepare for the winter months and longer nights. The final and 3rd harvest festival, Samhain is a time when we honor our ancestors, remember the dead and commemorate the balance of life and death.

Most Wiccans consider this as the New Year and believe that it is a very mystical and remarkable time as the connection between the world of the living and the dead is the strongest and easiest to cross over. As this festival is about remembering the past, practitioners tend to explore various ancient rituals and traditions during All Hallow’s Eve. It is also an excellent time to communicate with the spiritual world using tools like tarot to ask for guidance, help and getting rid of negativity. Some of the symbols for this holiday are gourds, apples, candles, and black cats. Wiccans decorate altars with herbs like sage, nutmeg, mint, and heliotrope along with different types of black stones. Various covens conduct silent suppers to remember the dead and hold candle ceremonies to invite departed loved ones back. Jack o’ lanterns are also lit by practitioners as it shows the way for the departed souls to arrive.

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Rituals for enriching souls

The 8 major sabbats or holidays in the Wiccan Wheel of the Year can provide a deep spiritually rewarding experience when observed properly. Celebrating the sabbats at an interval of every 6 weeks allows you to stay connected with nature by revering Mother Earth. Following the ritual of Turning the Wheel makes you consciously aware of the changing seasons and deepens your bonding with nature. And it’s always great to have a new occasion to celebrate every few weeks.

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Sun & Sabbats: Celebrating the 8 Most Important Wiccan Holidays
Sun and Sabbats: Celebrating The 8 Most Important Wiccan Holidays
Sun and Sabbats: The 8 Most Important Wiccan Holidays
Sun and Sabbats: The 8 Most Important Wiccan Holidays
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