Suicide Is Never The Answer: 6 Things To Know When Ending Life Seems Like The Best Option

Suicide Is Never The Answer

5. Reincarnation Wheel

Of course, at some point, we do experience a sense of relief in the afterlife, but unfortunately, it doesn’t last long, and before we know it, we’re ushered back onto the Reincarnation Wheel.

Since we take our false and disempowering beliefs with us into the next life, we likely repeat the same issues that we’re attempting to escape in this one, and in fact, our souls intentionally choose parents and circumstances that inevitably ignite those same issues (and we call it “karma”).

So, even though the characters may change and the storyline may appear different, the “moral of the story” stays the same…and since we’re destined to repeat the same issues over and over in various forms until we evolve our consciousness, suicide is a guaranteed ticket on the Reincarnation Wheel!

You should not commit suicide, because you will experience same misery in the next birth too. So, what’s the point amplifying the pain?

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6. Regrets from Suicide Survivors!

An infamous survivor who attempted to commit suicide by jumping off the golden gate bridge, later reported that he changed his mind on the way down. Fortunately, he survived to tell the story, but many more don’t. Apparently, according to survivors, it’s quite common to experience profound regret after taking definitive action.

These are 6 reasons not to commit suicide.

So, what do you do if you’re feeling suicidal?

Firstly, if you’ve got a definitive plan and you’re on the verge of suicide, seek professional help immediately. No matter what time it is, day or night, you can always call a suicide hotline (see information below). But, what happens when you call a Suicide Hotline?

For some reason, there have been a lot of false and detrimental rumors about suicide hotlines lately. Sadly, as a result of this misinformation, many suicidal people are afraid to call when they need it most, and many more don’t call because they’re convinced that it won’t help.

The truth is, suicide hotlines, all over the world, have saved countless lives. Since I was a suicide outreach counselor in New York for over seven years, I can personally attest to the fact that many of these dedicated volunteers have overcome their own challenges – and they have a deep desire to help others do the same.

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So, here’s what happens when you call most hotlines….

First of all, when you call a suicide hotline, you talk to a real person who’s trained to help! As caring and compassionate listeners, most suicide counselors know how to hold a safe, nonjudgmental space where you can process your feelings and talk about whatever you need to talk about (confidentially).

While helping you gain clarity on the issues that are causing you the most pain, the goal of the counselor is to help you find a solution that will get you out of immediate crisis – while also providing appropriate resources and referrals as needed.

Most importantly, calling a hotline is an instant remedy for loneliness….when you know that someone on the other end of the line really cares, suddenly, you’re not so alone!

Ditch the back-up plan!

Even if we never come close to taking definitive action, many of us think of suicide as a “back up plan” – and while this might not seem like a big deal, as long as we consider suicide an option, there’s no real reason to take ownership of our lives.

Consequently, instead of focusing on our lives and finding solutions to our challenges, we end up wasting precious time and energy, and in fact, every time we “glorify suicide” as an easy exit strategy, we lose the ability to make and implement conscious choices that could change our lives for the better.


Even though it might sometimes feel like we’re powerless to circumstances beyond our control, this is simply not true! While we all have the potential to become Conscious Creators who can overcome any challenge, the real purpose of life is to evolve our own consciousness to the point where we can master reality.

However, if we use suicide as a reset button, not only do we lose our current level of consciousness and start over with amnesia, we inevitably replay the same issues from one life to the next. Unfortunately, this means that we ultimately delay our own evolution, and instead of waking up from this dream, we remain on the reincarnation wheel until we attain the necessary wisdom – and we are able to achieve mastery over our challenges!

Therefore, why perpetuate the sleep state through suicide, when you have the power to wake-up now?

Written By Nanice Ellis
Originally appeared on: Wake Up World

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Suicide Is Never The Answer: 6 Things To Know When Ending Life Seems Like The Best Option

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  1. I don’t think it’s for anyone to say what you may feel on other side unless you’ve come back from dead to know nor to try and that’s the impression I’m getting to feel guilty about how their sucide may affect fa. ILY as when someone is so desperate with a mental health issue especially s chriponia or personality disorder it’s only friends who have been in same place as you or friends 2ho have seen what you are like who fully understand I’m not saying sucide is the answer but forcing a guilt trip isn’t either I’m surprised noone else has commented on this this attitude is rather sadly a example of someone who thinks all this coaching and alternative ways are the solver of all ills people who wish to take their own lives should not be condemned they have often thought it through planned their funeral maybe even paid for it they mistakenly think noone will miss them or may have tried therapies that have failed and many medications as for the mind journal putting that quote out is disgusting the journal was on my you tube subscription list I will be removing it I’m sorry but I don’t think you are for the mentally ill when you put a quote like that out whethever it 2as a quote by someone else or not you shouldn’t have included it it could be trigerring to people

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