Struggles Of An Overthinker: 18 Things Only They Understand

10. You are known to regret texts, hesitate over writing emails, delete and re-write tweets, all because you could and should have said something other than what you did and will.

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11. Your hangover after a night out drinking is nothing compared to the fear of what you could have said to that one person you’d rather die than act like an idiot around while drunk.

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12. Sleep is the most difficult aspect of your life because laying silently in the dark is the only time you aren’t distracted enough to not be able to sink into racing thoughts.

13. You convince yourself that the worst-case scenario will come true in basically, y’know, any scenario.

14. Social media is a minefield for you. You are certain every subtweet has something to do with you, even if it’s from a stranger, that so-and-so used that emoji because they’re flirting with the love of your life and so on and so forth.

15. If someone ever breaks up with you/declines to go out with you, you convince yourself it’s because of a hundred inconsequential missteps you made.

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16. You often find yourself proudly stating to your friends that you “figured out” what someone “really meant” by something, only to have them laugh and say “you are so overthinking this, I can’t even right now.”

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17. You end up torturing yourself over every other banal side comment someone makes because obviously there is some meaning to be uncovered, it’s clearly just a matter of thinking about it until you find it.

18. God forbid anyone to unfollow you on Twitter or Instagram because you won’t sleep until you figure out who it was and why.

18 Struggles Only Over-Thinkers Will Understand
18 Struggles Only Over-Thinkers Will Understand

Struggles Of An Overthinker: 18 Things Only They Understand
Struggles Of An Overthinker: 18 Things Only They Understand

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