Why Do We Struggle to Heal Emotional Wounds?

Why Do We Struggle to Heal Emotional Wounds?


More Than Healing!

By Divine Design, your emotional warning system is “priceless technology.” Although it’s intended to guide you through life, you must learn how to use it consciously and correctly. Of course, this means that you must be willing to develop a new relationship with your emotions.

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As signposts that guide your way, emotions not only direct you to disempower beliefs, they also demonstrate empowering beliefs. Therefore, by paying attention to your emotions, you can identify the quality of your beliefs, and by cultivating empowering beliefs that support your dreams and desires, and releasing disempowering beliefs that manifest issues, you have the ability to consciously create the life of your dreams!

The good news is that once disempowering beliefs are identified and released, emotional pain subsides, emotional wounds heal, and reality adapts according to your new beliefs.

If you only remember one thing, remember that disempowering beliefs invoke emotional pain because they are inherently untrue!



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Originally appeared in Wakeup World

Why Do We Struggle to Heal Emotional Wounds?

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