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Struggle, Survive And Hustle!

When you are hit hard, you fall, feel the pain, drag yourself in your own mind to comprehend what just happened. In a while, parts of seconds or maybe years; you either try again or quit forever. You may accept begin knocked down and let it get to you, change your life and lead you to places you never imagined; or you struggle, accept it, embrace it and reach out to your human kit of survival. You draw the path to places you drew in your mind really well.

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Those who choose to try again would fail again and again. But whoever defined winning as the opposite of losing?? It is never a failure to keep trying. Winning is not only about getting places, but it is also as much about staying put while everything is pushing. Winning is choosing when and what to push.

Winning is knowing you don’t always fight to win and sometimes you win by not fighting. Winning is about being true to yourself and those who matter. Winning is smiling when there is no obvious reason to. Winning is dancing to your inner music while surrounded by noise. Winning is becoming and becoming no matter the labels and the times you are considered crazy, awkward, eccentric, outrageous, rebel, odd or dull.

Every time you try again, you smile, you dance against the odds of your life is a win much bigger than the one before. Your winnings are counted by your endeavors not only your takes!

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Human strength and self-love are the origins and fundamental of all great and horrific deeds equally 

The great inventions, the discoveries, the betrayals, the wars, the plastic surgeries, the drugs, the music, the canned food, the 100$ branded plain white t-shirts, cars, candy, stews, pins, makeup, rugs, homes, towers, bridges, 2000 different ways of cooking rice, art, mobile phone, transparent screens, internet, medication, nail polish, and photography; are all nothing but the mere natural effect of human’s rooted instinctive desire for ‘better’ that is nurtured by the one and only cause…survival. Better surroundings, better safety, better food, better looks, better self, …. the never-ending search for elevation and achievement. It is how we are designed and how we sought to survive.

Connecting with those instincts empowers you. Knowing what you are made and capable of enabling you. Tuning with the hidden energies of your driving you.

When your internal power takes over, it becomes all you know, it changes the DNA of your actions, the way you are perceived and your whole being. All you do comes from the power within. The power of knowing we do not need to know, the power of belief in what shall be, the power of letting go of what has been and the most liberating power of all; the power of surrendering to what is.

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You struggle to survive until hustling becomes a way to live not just a thing you do intuitively and effortlessly!

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