Structural Dissociation: How Complex Trauma Causes A Split In Our Being

Structural Dissociation Complex Trauma Causes Split

This wise part absorbs love from the people who have supported us; it tells us we are worthy.

It downloads knowledge and wisdom from books, resources, and teachers, and acts as the guiding light within us.

Though the cloud of trauma and chaos very often shields our wise part, it is there, pulling us back up from all the setbacks and nudging us to take the next step.

It is the part of us that pushes us to go to therapy, to look online and to seek out support.

It is the part of us that reads poetry, makes a painting, and sings a song to express our unspeakable pain.

It is the part of us that loves the truth, seeks justice, and searches for insights.

In our work towards integration, we must find and reinforce this part of us.

Healing is to integrate, to have all our parts talk to each other, and to respect and to harness the strengths of all of them.

Healing is to bring all elements of ourselves together, rather than living a disintegrated life with little control.

Being alive is to feel our lives as happening to ‘us’, rather than being a distant story.

Resilience is being able to tell the past from the present, rather than emotionally reliving the past again and again.

It is frightening when we first begin to drop dissociation as a protective shield.

However, there is nothing to fear- we are merely going home.

As we take small risks, as we are gently open, we become extra delicate, sensitized to both pain and beauty.

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The breaking down of our armor comes with its force and pain- but that pain is an honorable one.

We are our door to a sense of belonging- one so sincere that it connects us to not only our intimate partner and neighbour, but the rest of humanity, with nature, and with the universe. This growing pain is a small price to pay, as compared to the deadliness of being an empty shell.

Beyond trauma, it is in our power to take the next step.

Step by step, we can re-open as a human and re-emerge as a soul.

Your life is waiting for you. 

“You’ve gotta dance like there’s nobody watching,
Love like you’ll never be hurt,
Sing like there’s nobody listening,
And live like it’s heaven on earth.”
― William W. Purkey

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Written By Imi Lo
Originally Appeared In Eggshell Therapy

Experiencing structural dissociation as a result of emotional and psychological trauma can be overwhelming, and mentally exhausting. Overcoming structural dissociation might seem intimidating and impossible, but with a little bit of self-love and self-care, you can do it. Yes, it will be tough and mentally taxing, but once you start healing, you will experience life and happiness like never before.

If you want to know more about structural dissociation, then check this video out below:

Structural Dissociation Complex Trauma Causes Split pin
Structural Dissociation: How Complex Trauma Causes A Split In Our Being

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