What Strong Women Often Get Wrong About Finding Love  

What Strong Women Often Get Wrong About Finding Love  


3. You can appear emotionless

Being a confident, self-reliant and self-loving person, you don’t feel needy or desperate for a boyfriend or a relationship. And so you’re not comfortable with a guy who is too clingy or needy. Being independent, you have your own dreams and passions to follow and you want your man to pursue his own interests as well. Someone who will challenge you to grow yet love and support you at the same time. To the wrong guy, this kind of behavior can make you look cold and heartless as he thinks you don’t value him enough.


4. You want him to love you, but you want to be alone too

Independent women love their alone time. You enjoy your own company and you are comfortable with being just by yourself, unwinding and reflecting after a hard day of work. But you also crave company and the warmth that the unconditional love of a man can offer you. And this can make you more confused than you need to be.

But does it mean that you can’t get a boyfriend? Does it mean you can’t attract men as you scare them away? No. You can definitely attract men with your confidence and charisma. The question is can you attract the men you want to attract? Can you attract the right men?


This is why strong women can’t attract the right men.

Smart, successful, independent and strong women are usually comfortable with their masculine energy, sometimes even more than their feminine energy that makes them loving and receptive. And this is why she finds it hard to build a meaningful, loving and lasting relationship. However, this masucilne energy does not help her in attracting a loving, caring soulmate. But that doesn’t mean she can’t attract men. The problem is she ends up attracting all the wrong men. 

Attracting men is easy for the independent woman. The kind of man who relies on his woman to provide for him and do all the hard work. Weak and submissive men who don’t respect themselves and in turn are unable to respect her. As long as you want to take the lead in a relationship, you will only attract men who are willing to be your followers. Men who are comfortable with their feminine energy, sometimes even more than their masculine energy that makes them protective, loving and provide for you. 


How to find true love as a strong and independent woman 

“A strong woman builds her own world. She is one who is wise enough to know that it will attract the man she will gladly share it with.” – Ellen J. Barrier

A relationship is not something that you should want to accomplish, conquer or lead, like your career or other aspects of your life. When you want to attract a soulmate, you need to focus on attracting a person who will love you for who you are. A man who is your equal and treat you like his queen, but sees himself as the king too. So if you wish to find true love as a mentally strong woman, then you must learn to be receptive when it comes to love and relationships. This is how you can build a long term, committed relationship with a man who will respect you as much as he respects himself.

Instead of taking home any hot guy who will hit on you, you need to believe that you deserve love, just like you believe in yourself in every other aspect of your life. You need to have patience and identify the men who will work hard to attract you. Wait and watch who vies for your attention. Who puts in the most effort to treat you the way you deserve to be treated and then some. Instead of going into a relationship with a guy who you find sensually appealing, commit to a person who has proven that he wants you as his woman, who is gentle, loving and kind. Who makes an effort to understand you and appreciate you. A man who has proven that he will always be there beside you. Someone you can finally rely upon.

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