Reasons Why A Strong, Independent Woman Is The Best Girlfriend You’ll Ever Have

Reasons Why A Strong, Independent Woman Is The Best Girlfriend You'll Ever Have

“It’s a man’s world!”

Nothing can be more appropriate when you start this discussion about why an independent woman can be the best girlfriend.

Let’s go back down the pages of history. What we have mostly read about in History till the middle ages dawned in is the might of the men. This world belonged and still belongs to them, they believe, barring a few exceptions. This is a major reason why the men have treated the women, not as their equal but a source of entertainment.

Unfortunately, despite the natural cravings to become independent as is the natural tendency of the humankind since time immemorial, women had to give up their dreams quite often to get along in the society.

Enhancing their external beauty and being in good shape was their main intention as the men treated them like objects; and, since the women had no other option but to depend on their husbands, they had to succumb to the rotten reality where the external beauty of the women decided how good a life they would lead.

Have you ever given it a thought that there were and there are many women who still firmly present themselves as objects in the eyes of men? They, in fact, lure men towards themselves with their looks and their physical appeal. However, though most of the men fall for their pretty and charming looks, have you ever wondered what they actually are?

To tell you the truth, these women are, in fact, nothing less than parasites. They are like the leeches that derive nourishment for their own survival. They know that they are beautiful and capable enough to attract men and if they get rejected by one, they are always on the lookout for other rich folks who would love to decorate their homes with the presence of a so-called supermodel.

However, think about a modern woman who has fought all odds to become independent and is capable of looking after herself. Then, does that mean she should not fall in love to maintain her independence? Of course, not! Just because a woman is in love with a man, that, by no way, implies that she needs to lose her independence and walk in the footsteps laid down by her lover.

Think about it in this way; as an independent woman, she can be strong enough to support her partner both morally and economically. This will give a sense of relief to the man who walks holding her hand because he would not have to worry about looking after her anymore.

It’s not that he would never take up her responsibility, but, they will share the responsibilities in between themselves in such a way that both of them look after each other when one of them is going through a difficult phase in life. They are more like those symbiotic animals that can survive alone if needed but survive the best when they are helping each other out. 

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