Striking thoughts: What are we capable of?

Striking thoughts: What are we capable of?

The key to all that you ever wanted is hidden in your capability of your own thoughts

Modern science and medicine has so far tried to understand the human body and possibly all its functions but when it comes to the brain, we know everything about its physical structure, neural network and neurons but we still can’t comprehend what it is capable of. I can’t exaggerate this fact more but ask you to think that it was this same brain of an individual just like you and me, which calculated the speed of light, measured gravity, designed aircrafts, send a man to moon, invented internet, destroyed nations, killed people, produced WMD, and waged wars, infact every man-made thing we see in our present world was once an imagination in an individual’s brain. We the people of this so called “free world” were born with this particular organ, which has the capacity to direct the entire human race and bring about change which ever way we want and all we have to do is think. 

Our thoughts have the capability to break any limits but to achieve this we have to get ourselves out of the box, the same box where our society, parents, and teachers have conditioned us to be. This is why whenever we want to create something new, we are advised to think out of the box. Understanding this box is very important because this box is always a dead end, where we limit our thoughts, concrete our beliefs and romanticize our understanding of the truth. This Box is the biggest illusion that make an individual dependent, weak and ignorant. When our thoughts are directed towards complete freedom then and only then our thoughts will empower us to break this box apart.

Understanding freedom could be very tricky and at times confusing because freedom is not just about expressing what you want and what you are, but to also have the freedom to think freely. We are not able to think freely because we have certain beliefs about the truth, beliefs that were believed by our predecessors, those predecessors who believed in some thought, a thought that was believed by a group, a group that was lead by an individual, an individual who had the intellect, confidence and will to think and make everybody believe in what he thought as the ultimate truth. It might have been true for their society, acceptable for their standards of living in their time, with their level of understanding of science and society. At this point we have to ask ourselves some very important questions.

Our predecessors didn’t have the kind of technology we have today, they were not connected, they didn’t have anything, then how on earth were they able to create the foundations of science and technology that we take for granted today?. It was because there was nobody before them, since there was no previous information, there were no beliefs, no beliefs so no pre-conditioned notions, and thus there were no limits to think. So our predecessors like Aryabhatta, Newton, Einstein and many others were able to deliver us the science as we know it today and they are called “THINKERS”.

Everything boils down to this, if they can do it, we can do it and with what we have we can even do it better. I am my only limit so for you I am limitless, my thoughts know no boundary and my beliefs change with time, so we can say time is the only limit but it should not be a limit to our thoughts.

Now ask yourself

What am I capable of?

Think yourself out of your misery and suffering, conquer and change the world with your thoughts and be limitless.

Praveen chitrala

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