Which Stressors Put You Over The Edge Based On Your Personality Type

Stressors Personality Type

The ESTJs best bet to restore balance is to talk it out, get some validation from a loved one, and feel connected again to what they know is right.



ESFJs are warm and helpful caregivers with a practical attitude.

If they feel an absence of trust or a lack of emotional support, it can trigger intense interpersonal conflict. The ESFJ uncharacteristically condemns others, finding fault with everything they do.

What’s an ESFJ to do to revert to their old self? Pull out a journal and start writing down your feelings or watch a light-hearted comedy with a happy ending. Then, make a to-do list to get back to your life!



If ENTPs are clever and enthusiastic at their best, and adept at seeing possibilities.

They dislike a rigid structure of any kind, and what they ultimately cannot take is their competency being questioned or having their ideas shut down.

To re-establish their can-do attitude, ENTPs need to get centered. They can do this by connecting with their breath, getting a massage or some other physically restorative activity.



The ENFP becomes energized by change, new ideas, and new people.

Constant stress drains their energy, though, they tend to overextend themselves trying every new thing. When the sociable ENFP starts becoming irritable and snappy, obsess over small details and fail to see hope, you know they’re in the grip.

The best thing a stress-out ENFP can do is change their environment. Getting outdoors or doing a guided visualization gets them in them feeling like the world is their oyster again.


Being your best self means leveraging the best of your personality type. So, when you feel the pressure mounting, check in with yourself: How is my stress level today? Then, when you know your type and your triggers, you’ll be in a much better place to manage them and avoid an extreme stress reaction.

Finally, if you do get into the grip, you’ll know just what you need to feel like yourself again.

​Lisa Petsinis is a certified coach and a certified Myers-Briggs® type indicator practitioner. Contact Lisa if you’d like to discover your type and learn how you can use it to enrich your life, starting today. You can also sign up for Lisa’s newsletter for even more advice.

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Stressors Personality Type pin
Which Stressors Put You Over The Edge Based On Your Personality Type (And How To Get Back To Being Your Best Self)

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