Stress Relief (Psychologist)

Whenever I glare at the structure of your face, I find beauty and strength all organized in a harmonious manner. Whenever you let me discern in to the depth of your soul, I discover the cenotaphs of power near the vicinity of your heart that is vibrant enough to for see the darkest aura and also incorporates hope, desire of contentment, self-love, optimism and competency. A perfect shimmer and a balanced saturation amid the dark and the slightly lighter places is more upfront than the delineation itself. I listen attentively to the emotional distresses you mention in every appointment and I do refer them with the different colors painted in an alluring manner. The orange color with in you might depict sadness as you say but recognizing a color so stressful to your thoughts is a representation that you desire to overcome this despair. A little sorrow is helpful regarding the orange color but believe me a regular orange color is a sign of ambition and relaxation. We will work in collaboration to make your orange color a happy color. As far as the cute pink color is concerned, I understand that your emptiness comes to you wearing a shrilling pink gown. We can work as an association and make your pink color look like a soft and eye relaxing color. Lastly, the black color corresponds to the two sides of a coin, one side connotes depression while the other side stands for sense of security. I promise you, we will succeed in completing the journey from darkness to sanctuary and haven. Your color wheel is the most attractive color cycle, with ridges, ups and downs but a ray of hope, a sunshine of courage and faith. Believe in your inner voice and it will lead you to each and every bright and contented colors. Each color loves you and the time is not far away when you yourself will confess the love for each and every color of life.
Asma Rashid
IG : Decipherable Writings

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