7 Stress Personality Types: Is Your Personality Stressing You Out?

Stress Personality Types

6. Worriers

“Worriers” obsess over future events that may or may not occur. They hate unpredictability and they are constantly devising Plan A, Plan B, and Plan C for dealing with problems that may never materialize. This preoccupation with the future generates stress and interferes with the ability to deal with actual problems in the here-and-now.

7. Sabertooths

“Sabertooths” respond to stress with anger. They can become caustic and insulting to their coworkers, creating a negative vibe in the workplace that is highly contagious. One or two sabertooths at the office can create a toxic environment that ruins things for everyone.

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Do you recognize yourself in any of these descriptions?

While Dempcy’s seven stress personalities were designed to help us understand stress at work, they also readily lend themselves to understanding stress in college students, families, and social groups. Each of us can think of pleasers, worriers, and sabertooths who have prowled the different domains of our world—and sometimes, they just might have been you.

Written By Frank T. McAndrew
Originally Appeared In Psychology Today

Most of the time you might end up holding other people responsible for your difficulties, but the truth is, there will be times when your own personality will end up stressing you out a lot. Introspection can prove to be a challenge sometimes, but the moment you realize that it is your own personality which is stressing you out, then stop, take a deep breath, and try to deal with the problem patiently.

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7 Stress Personality Types: Is Your Personality Stressing You Out?
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