Life Without Stress And Worries

Life Without Stress And Worries

I want to live my life without
stress and worries, I don’t
need to be rich, or famous,
I just want to be happy.

4 thoughts on “Life Without Stress And Worries”

  1. There is a smile and a gentleness
    inside. When I learned the name

    and address of that, I went to where
    you sell perfume. I begged you not

    to trouble me so with longing. Come
    out and play! Flirt more naturally.

    Teach me how to kiss. On the ground
    a spread blanket, flame that’s caught

    and burning well, cumin seeds browning,
    I am inside all of this with my soul.
    Rumi <3 😀

    1. Rumi is the ish, you can tell he went through unrequited love. It’s very difficult, something goes missing from you that’s hard to get back, but you don’t quite get. So, you make the best of it, but it’s always lingering in the background. Very tough, but gotta hang in there.

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