5 Causes of Stress Among Adolescents and Ways To Overcome Them

3. ‘My friends are also undergoing the same?’-

 When they identify with the plight of their peers.

Feeling being judged and spied by you, your child will seek refuge with children of the same age.

Adolescence is a delicate stage of exploration. Children try new activities, under ‘peer pressure’ which lead them into substance abuse such as drugs, alcohol, delinquent behaviors, being rebellious, raising questions about societal norms.


4.‘Let’s find what’s new’- 

When social and emotional isolation drags them into cyber- crime.

Your child being isolated from familial ties spend most of their spare time on internet. Constant browsing and strolling across the different websites, they fall prey into a web of crime without realizing the gravity of the degree.

According to a study report, Pew Internet & American Life (Madden et al., 2013) concluded that one in four children between 12- 17 years of age are rapid internet users.

Rampant social media posts and updates amplifies the stress in adolescents. They suffer from inferiority complexes and try to match foot with others so as not to lag behind from the pandemonium of the ‘virtual world’. This attributes for risks of suicide due to prolonged emotional turbulence.


5. ‘Am I not good enough?’-

When they experience heartbreak due to rejection in an affectionate relationship.

Stress caused by failed relationships, and denying to accept rejection are common in young hearts. This comes as an intense threat to their self worth and self esteem.

Your child feels that the approval of their ‘someone special’, awarding them as ‘perfect’ is the limit to measure their potentialities and real virtues.

This aggravates their troubles leading them to isolation, low mood, feelings of worthlessness.

Stress among adolescents should not be ignored by parents, care- givers and teachers. Any warning sign can be an alarm for you that your children are under stress.

Knowing the underlying causes of stress in a child,  one should provide them with proper guidance and attention.


What are the steps to overcome stress among adolescents?

1.Undergo a Counselling session:

Counselling can be effective in dealing with their emotional problems, improving their views towards life by cognitively restructuring their negative thoughts and conflicts into positive ones.


2. Spend ‘quality time’ with your children:

Parents are advised to spend ‘quality time’ with their children. Doing this you will get a hint of what they are encountering at school, peer groups and their state of mind.

Improve your parenting skills by being your child’s counselor.


3. Engaging into physical activities:

Daily physical workout and exercise will help adolescents to get rid of their pent up emotions, anger, hopelessness by escalating blood circulation, hormone secretion and adequate sleep.


4. Learn to accept yourself:

Accept your real- self, take pride being the person you are rather trying to transform into someone to receive appreciation from others. This will help you to build up strong self- esteem to face criticisms.


Overcoming stress in adolescence would supply them power to face the struggles of adulthood, to establish improved social and intimate connections and well being.

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