Strength and Wisdom can coexist. Powerful is the fist.

Rinku Shah


Strength and Wisdom can coexist.
Powerful is the fist.
Plenty a books on the list,
Together they are infallible,
Any dream is achievable!


Karthik Parthasarathy

The right set of books
In right hands, that’s all it takes
To spark a revolution
And change the history of a nation.


Anindya J Ganguly

 I stack the burning books
On my wisdom’s hearth of shelf
To bury all my greed 
Shaped as Innate inanes 
I climb upon the stairs
And fold my finger’s tip
To claim, clip & coerce
The monkey’s iron fist.



Ramya Raghuraman 

Ready to fight with all my might, 
Weapons of knowledge 
Gives me all the courage,
Beware ! Mind game has just begun
Dare you play with the gun.


Sarrvesh Waran

 In the barren land of ignorance,
 the rise of a single hand
 of knowledge and wisdom
can do wonders,
and be the reason of a rain,
 the aftermath of which,
would be the dawn of enlightenment.


Rashika Singh

Let your fist strengthen,
not with the power of aggression
but with the power of wisdom.

Sulekha Pande 

The fist of wisdom.
Hurts none,
empowers all.



Jesse Jon Golden

 Armed with a fistful of knowledge.


Dipanjan Mitra

Fist of Knowledge Fury


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