In the coldest night of a lonely winter, there is a man sitting next to the fire in his empty and forgotten home. He’s watching into the fire when in the sudden he hears the voice of the Eternity calling him.

  • ‘’Why did you summon me?’’ – the man talks to himself aware that the Eternity is here to listen.
  • ‘’Why do you ask for this old man here? Why do you need this drifter forgotten in place and in time?

I stood alone my whole life,I stood alone.With empty hands and loneliness in my eyes in the place hidden from life and dreams to come true…So why is it that the great force came to me,when all the small ones never carred to  remember me?

I fought the battles that will remain unknown to a world.There is nothing that I took for myself so you better leave,there is nothing that this old drifter can give you…’’

  • ‘’Oh I think that there is ‘’ –the Eternity whispered to him. – ‘’ There is something I would love to have and I spent a time wondering around the world, to find someone who can give me what I need. I was looking for the answer of what is the force that keeps you still alive where there is no more reasons for you to live?’’
  • ‘’So you came to this lonely man for a reason. You think that I have never lived, that the drifters have no life to be happy about. That we are the lonely strangers of the streets of the cities or the arrogant silence  left in the forests. You think that we lost the treasure and in the end of our lives we’ve escaped from the eyes of the people that we’ve left behind…’’
  • ‘’Then please correct me…what is it that made me  come to you ? I have all that I could ever imagine, I can change the order of a space and time and you know that I am here to be without ending and beginning. I look for people, I lead them and I live what they live. I choose what I want to be and do… And jet there is some emptiness that is inside of me…’’
  • ‘’The emptiness you feel is the reason you came for… You are used to have all that it is to have, and you are used to live all that it is to live but you can not affort to have the constant change that exists in this world, that is why you can’t affort to understand the  state of emptiness.

I as a drifter,my sweet Eternity, I have loved, I have suffered, I have stood for myself but in the end I have choosen to stay alone, forrgoten of this world. Maybe it was becouse of my rebel soul, I stayed faithfull to the nature and lonelyness instead of a people and false ideals. And this emptiness you feel, we call it melancholy.

It is the state of mind and heart when we start accepting this world with his imperfections.

It is like a poison that can’t kill you but as you can’t find the cure that will release you, you stay trapped  in the middle – nor live nor dead -.

So you are like me, my sweet Eternity, you will never come to understand why the world is like this. But you will love it, you will accept it. And that will never be because you don’t know how to live or  because you have need to escape of a people that you have left behind… It will be only because you are diferent and so am i.Together we will deny this word as it is and we will learn to love sweet melancholy as if it was the biggest feeling that one  mortal man or the immortal time can feel.

As soon as the old drifter have spoken,the Eternity took him between her arms and with the last breath that  he have left,the snow started to fall again…

Awaken  in the timeless and space less arms of his companion the old man have realized that he is finally free and that the only thing that he took within himself was that  powerful feeling of melancholy. So he dared to ask the Eternity, why is it that made her take him…

–  ‘’Even the Eternity need to share her melancholy with a friend,so who can be better friend then  a man who has been rejected from the world for being different? And did you forgot that the greatest treasures were always hidden and forgotten from a world? ‘’

By Dijana Zmija

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