Storms Of Life

Storms Of Life

Sometimes it is hard to take the bitter with the sweet, 

To face the raging storms of life and not give up in defeat.

When in life, clouds of sadness and pain cast their gloom, 

Remember, flowers need both sunshine and rain for it to bloom.

Sun shines brighter after the rain, that’s why rainbow always follows the storm;

Joy is never understood till you feel the pain, that’s how in life you transform.

Storms do not always come to wreck your life;

They often come to clear your deck, laid by your strife.

Storms do displace you from the zone of your comfort,

But just to expand your horizon for your own growth;

The storms that you encounter in life do not always do you wrong, 

They sometimes come to test your resilience and make you strong.

Clouds of adversities are overcome by the strength you show;

Every storm you encounter comes with an opportunity for you to grow.

So, do not grieve for the storms in life that come and go, 

Instead, put all your might to push yourself and strive to grow.

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