Stop this “Struggle for Nothing” – Mind Talk


Stop this “Struggle for Nothing” – Mind Talk

We all are struggling. For what ? Do we have the answer? Most of us are struggling to get our lives better, to have a better future. We started our struggles from our childhood, isn’t it? “So you will have a better future” that what our parents told us. We didn’t notice that our parents are at their mid age or above and why they are still struggling ? Many of us are at our mid ages or old ages now and why still we are struggling? and we are teaching the same nonsense to our children. We are teaching them to struggle because that’s what all we know. We are not able to teach them to be happy because we don’t know how to be.
Simply, to be happy all we need to do is to stop this “Struggle for Nothing”. Stop being afraid of future. Its our life, and its our future. Its something our own. We need to look at our future not like to our Father but our Own Child. Then for sure you are going to love it like you love your children. You will see that its not something that you have to worry about but its something that makes you happy.

Mind Talk by Jaffer Abubakkar

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