8 Things That Can Stop You From Losing Your Identity In A Relationship

Stop From Losing Identity In Relationship

5. Never forget your friends.

Having good friends who always have your back is important, and that’s honestly an understatement. Your friends’ circle is like your second family, they will always give you the right kind of advice, and will always push you towards doing the right thing. Keep those friends close who genuinely want to see you succeed, do good in life, and who never hesitates to tell you the absolute truth.

Many people tend to ignore and forget their friends once they get into a relationship, but that’s one of the saddest things you can do for yourself. Your friends and your relationship should be equally important, if not more. Your partner might be your best friend, but do not let them be your only friend.

6. Setting boundaries is important.

Most people think setting boundaries is like you telling them to stay away from you, and that they have little to no place in your life. That cannot be farther away from the truth. Boundaries are not barriers that you put up to make people stay away from you; boundaries are important to retain your identity in the relationship.

Talk to your partner honestly about what your boundaries are or what you need to be truly content and happy. How much space would you need? Which things about your life are off-limits? What are the most vital and meaningful things in your life? Do you need at least one day in a week for some me-time? Having some boundaries in a relationship prevents it from becoming all-consuming and suffocating; it is crucial that both of you have your own space without the other person feeling ignored or neglected.

7. Be okay with the act of letting go.

Not every relationship is meant to be. Not every relationship is going to be a healthy relationship. And you need to find ways to be okay with that. If you think that your relationship is not helping you grow, then maybe you need to let go of it. It will be hard, and painful, but looking at the bigger picture always works, and once you move on from all that pain, just watch yourself thrive and fly.

It is always better to be single than be in a relationship, that leads to losing your identity You should always be with someone who will respect the real you, and never ask you to sacrifice your beliefs so that they may feel comfortable. Life is too short to be someone who you are not. Life is too short to waste time on a relationship that is honestly not worth it in the long run.

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8. Never underestimate rational thinking.

When you are in love, it is very easy to let go of your thinking hat, and let your emotions fully drive you. Even though being emotional is not a bad thing in any way, you need to be logical at times too. You need to know how to be emotional and logical, both; too much of either end up creating a lot of incorrigible problems. Take a deep, hard look at the things that you are okay with and the things you will never be okay with it, no matter how hard you try.

When you try to understand everything from a rational as well as an emotional point of view, you will still be in love with your partner, and also know the absolute truth of your relationship. Sometimes taking a step back, and taking a long, hard look at your relationship is not that bad of a thing. Unromantic maybe, but definitely not wrong.

Finding your way through a relationship can be a tough thing to do, as not every relationship is the same. But those relationships, where you have no self-identity, are not the relationships you should want to be in. Losing your identity just because you love someone is one of the worst things you can do to yourself. Be who you are, and be your authentic self, and the right person will always love you and respect you for that.

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8 Things That Can Stop You From Losing Your Identity In A Relationship
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