How To Stop Feeling Sorry For Toxic People

How To Stop Feeling Sorry For Toxic People

By trying to sympathize with them, or feeling sorry for them, you are unknowingly activating the pleasure centers of their twisted brains.

If you ever want to feel sorry for someone, then feel sorry for all those people who have been victims of narcissistic abuse, and whose lives have been ruined by the spiritual, physical, emotional, and social pain inflicted on them by these horrible human beings.

Kind, good, and decent people know very well that the feeling of being in control might be a powerful feeling, but this feeling is at the same time fleeting. How long can you truly feel good about yourself, when you are trying to control and mold someone according to your whims and fancies?

Good people no matter how angry, sad, or emotional they might feel in a negative context, can always get out of that headspace, but emotionally and spiritually rehoming their minds towards positivity. They remind themselves of all the good things they do for people, and that the world is not that bad in general. The more you focus on positivity and kindness, the more you feel good on the inside.

Consider an Empath. Think about the gifts they have, and how powerful their kindness and niceness are as weapons against hate, malevolence, insecurity, and anger.

While Cluster B people, narcopaths, sociopaths, sadists, and narcissists work very hard to make life difficult for others, by conning, hurting, manipulating, shaming, and provoking fear in them, all they do is condemn their very own souls to more darkness. When a person feels happy by causing pain to others, it’s evident that they are not worth your energy, and least of all your tenderness.

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As far as toxic people are concerned, always and always trust your gut and listen to what your intuition is telling you. If you feel something doesn’t feel right about someone, take yourself out of that situation, and use your time in a better way. Feeling sorry for toxic people is a complete waste of time.

Cultivate the habit of stopping yourself from getting emotional for the wrong people, because they don’t deserve even a little bit of it. The more important you will make them feel, the more they will dig their claws into you. So put a stop to it, the moment you realize who and what they truly are. Feeling sorry for toxic people has never yielded any good results, and it never will.

How To Stop Feeling Sorry For Toxic People
How To Stop Feeling Sorry For Toxic People Pin
How To Stop Feeling Sorry For Toxic People

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  1. Well then….that was a very…odd article. It was good in the sense of somewhat explaining a narcs motives and what they get pleasure from….but….holy worddy batman!!! Seriously some of those paragraphs and run on sentences made no sense at all they started out great and then quicly disolved into gibberish and nonsense….it was like they forgot completely the point they were trying to make. This article could have been half as long and twice as much impact with some clarity and focus if they would have just stopped trying to impress with using so many words and tried to use less and been more straight forward .

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