How To Stop Feeling Sorry For Toxic People


Sometimes, reading things like positive thinking articles or seeing a motivational meme online can truly instantly reactivate HOPE.

The more of a People Pleaser a person is by nurture, the more likely they are to self-sacrifice in order to self-fulfill their nature.

People Pleasers are the ultimate problem solvers, noting that finding solutions to OTHER people’s problems truly is their number one pleasure.

Oftentimes, people who are People Pleasers are actually born into the most toxic of family genetics.

As science gets closer to identifying what causes a person to develop egocentric and predatory behaviors by nature they are likely to confirm what many intuitive abuse survivors may already suspect, that sometimes from the most unexpected cracks in the pavement a seed planted will take root and sprout.

With the right DNA, two Cluster B parents can, in fact, produce a tolerant, kind, and loving offspring that is emotionally intuitive who is able to transcend.

That’s where the concept of nature comes most dramatically into play. Philosophers, mystics, and scientists have debated the topic for all human decades.

If a person is a People Pleaser by nature — capable of understanding primate brain, lizard brain, and complex emotions in such a way their thoughts, emotions, and biological responses to external stimuli provoked by social systems theory resembles spherical (rather than linear or circumspect thinking styles) — the more likely they are to strive to help people.

But a person who by nature simply cannot self-actualize in the Maslow’s hierarchy of needs sense because they are surrounded by takers who by nature will seldom if ever admit to being pleased or sated, then they get stuck.

Stuck, as in hopelessly intellectually, emotionally, psychologically, but more so SOCIALLY enmeshed in something that resembles a quagmire.

A People Pleaser who fails to consider the very accurate and distinct PROBABILITY (rather than possibility) that other human beings brains could simply be wired different can be easily duped into falling into patterns of a rescuer or person with Stockholm Syndrome.

The more the Empath mourns for the Cluster B person’s loss of warm fuzzies, the more likely they are to spend an inordinate amount of time worrying, grieving for the other person’s loss, and trying their dead level best in ever social interaction possible to help the other person realize the error of their ways.

When a human being competes to win a point, victory for either side can never truly be accomplished.

Likewise, perceiving a Cluster B person as lacking or missing out on the pleasure of giving or being kind simply because their bodies are wired differently by grand systems theory elements of design is not only tunnel-visioned, it’s EGOCENTRIC.

Now, understand what that means is a person who expects the same reward stimulus to excite a Narcissist, Sociopath, Psychopath, Narcopath, Enabler, or even an Empath is simply falling what they were taught to think when they were little about what it truly means to be a good person.

A Narcissist will derive pleasure from showboating or being the center of attention, crushing the lives of their narcissistic rivals and preferred scapegoat targets under the weight of their own grandiosity.


  1. Well then….that was a very…odd article. It was good in the sense of somewhat explaining a narcs motives and what they get pleasure from….but….holy worddy batman!!! Seriously some of those paragraphs and run on sentences made no sense at all they started out great and then quicly disolved into gibberish and nonsense….it was like they forgot completely the point they were trying to make. This article could have been half as long and twice as much impact with some clarity and focus if they would have just stopped trying to impress with using so many words and tried to use less and been more straight forward .