How To Stop Feeling Sorry For Toxic People

Hurt people tend to develop a wide variety of physical ailments that reflect stress, post-traumatic disorder affectations like developing PTSD flashbacks or full-blown C-PTSD, or they themselves become healers.

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Because unless Highly Sensitive Personality types [or “HSP” learn to recognize what predatory people are by nature and stop thinking they [meaning Cluster B people] are missing the boat by not being in emotional sync with a sense of appreciation for social beings, they are likely to waste years of their life accidentally turning themselves into narcissistic supply sources for absolutely NO REASON.

Hear us out and think things through carefully on this, FMD readers.

When a person who has the natural ability to feel complex emotions like empathy and we use them, what happens?

We have a pleasurable rush of chemically based emotions surge through our bio-housing based on feeling connected to what our specific neurological structure and cultural biases tell us should biologically be perceived as warm and fuzzy emotions.

It’s a fundamental truth observed worldwide that kind people across ages, generations, and socio-economic boundary lines all tend to report feeling good when and if they help another.

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It does not matter if that person is someone 20 generations down the line who hopefully will benefit from small acts of our daily kindness like not wasting resources or efforts to recycle.

It could be an act so simple as helping a turtle cross the road by stopping your car, putting it in the park, turning on the hazard lights, and helping the little one get from hither to yon in a more expedient fashion or petting a dog and seeing its tail wagging to and fro.

Or, it could be something as simple as paying a compliment to a stranger — telling them something simple like you love their smile without implying a need for further contact.

Sometimes it’s paying forward a human kindness — like making up flyers or business cards with the domain for this website listed and leaving them with a little note in a ladies room or on a company bulletin board saying,  “NARCISSISTIC ABUSE RECOVERY IS POSSIBLE”.

Visit this website to learn how and show support.

But it could also be taking that extra moment of your day to sit with a loved one experiencing grief, a friend going through a tough family crisis, or a stranger you happen to strike up a conversation with the supermarket checkout line discussing celebrity headline news that seems to disconcert them the most.

When a giving person gives, it biochemically produces a surge of pleasurable sensations throughout the body, mind, and soul.

In a healthy giver, when energy resources or moral spirit are feeling low, most of the time all it takes to re-activate the feelings of safety, security, and spiritual comfort is to think back and remember a happy thought.

Sometimes, reading things like positive thinking articles or seeing a motivational meme online can truly instantly reactivate HOPE.

The more of a People Pleaser a person is by nurture, the more likely they are to self-sacrifice in order to self-fulfill their nature.

People Pleasers are the ultimate problem solvers, noting that finding solutions to OTHER people’s problems truly is their number one pleasure.

Oftentimes, people who are People Pleasers are actually born into the most toxic of family genetics.

As science gets closer to identifying what causes a person to develop egocentric and predatory behaviors by nature they are likely to confirm what many intuitive abuse survivors may already suspect, that sometimes from the most unexpected cracks in the pavement a seed planted will take root and sprout.

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