Stop Doing These 17 Things in 2018

14.  Stop putting up with being the person who is just an ‘okay’ friend to others. If a friend is in a bad place in their life where they just can’t seem to find a reason to smile, then show up to their place with some ice cream and don’t leave them alone to their thoughts until you feel like they’re ready. If your friend is doing something you don’t approve of, try to understand their reasons behind it without immediately judging them or writing them off. If your friend has done something wrong to you, give them a chance to explain and if they actually apologize, forgive them. Just remember that most of the awful things a friend has done to you, you probably did them to someone else once.


15.  Stop putting up with always placing a mediocre effort into everything you do. Life isn’t just about doing the bare minimum- showing up to your job and waiting for the evening to go home instead of actually working hard to give back to your organization, or studying just enough to get a passing grade instead of working to achieve your full potential. Keep challenging yourself. Keep forcing yourself to grow. And keep working towards becoming the best possible version of yourself.

16.  Stop putting up with always maintaining a negative attitude about things in your life that aren’t actually that bad or negative. If your professor didn’t give you the marks you were hoping for in a paper you worked hard on, go and talk to him about how you can do things differently next time. If someone at office was rude to you, understand that they might be going through a rough day and then just forget about it. If it’s extremely hot outside, remind yourself about how lucky you are to be sitting in an air-conditioned room with a roof above your head. If the traffic is really terrible, appreciate how this is one of the uncommon times when you really have nothing else to do but think freely about yourself and your life.


17.  Stop putting up with the thought that happiness is some kind of end goal to achieve in life instead of a constant state of being. You can keep running after that promotion you always wanted but once you get it, you’ll just start looking for a higher post to achieve. You can keep pursuing that girl you always wanted to date but once she finally says yes and enters into a normal relationship with you, things will start to feel pretty ordinary instead of being as exciting as they once looked. You can keep trying to grab some fame, power or general praise in life but at what point will you finally feel like it’s enough? At one point or the other, you need to accept the fact that if you continue chasing things in life, you will just keep coming up with something new and better that you NEED to have. But if you actually focus on the sheer joy of being, you will have a much easier time discovering some real happiness. Happiness is right there with you. You just have to stop for a minute and start feeling it.




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