How To Stop Absorbing Other People’s Pain and Start Healing It

 December 06, 2017

How To Stop Absorbing Other People's Pain and Start Healing It

This confidence becomes even more necessary for the second part of the empath’s journey. Once they are strong enough to prevent others’ from overcoming their own emotions, empaths, instead of taking in others’ negativity and low vibrations, need to practice creating an impression of their own positive emotions on those who need it.

Empaths need to be very confident in their beliefs and their ideas about love and light and healing for this to happen. They need to be absolutely sure that love will conquer fear. They must be ready to always offer affection, compassion and positive thoughts. Negative emotions like hate and anger should have no power over them.

It is important to do this in a manner that does not dismiss the suffering that others are going through. When they come to you with their negativity, their anger and sorrow is completely real and true. The empath’s job is to ensure that no action of theirs tells the other person that their negativity is completely okay. The empath has to give them understanding and support. Instead of lowering their vibration to be at the same level as the other person’s, the empath has to raise theirs and force them to rise to meet it.

This isn’t an easy task by any means and empaths need to practice giving counsel and understanding while at the same time not using any words that could bolster negativity. Just remember to stay calm and collected, to take deep breaths, and anchor yourself to your center so that your energy field remains undisturbed. This will ensure that you control what happens in this encounter.

Christina Gutierrez points out that energy is the same everywhere. It is up to us to transform the energy that causes us pain into the energy that heals us and those around us. In fact, our own healing process allows us to release vibrations that prompt others around us to increase their frequencies. This becomes more powerful when it is done by empaths.

This won’t happen in a day but gradually, this method will make life better. If an empath manages to complete the healing process and release all they have suppressed, they will soon vibrate at such a high frequency that just being around them will be enough for others to be healed.

The world also becomes a much a nicer place for the empath to live in. They no longer feel like they have to constantly soothe the people around them because they are filled with their own light. They feel like they are protected from the negativity of others and are no longer overwhelmed by it.

It is important to let empaths heal themselves and others. They can make this earth a beautiful place for all of us by healing one person at a time.

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