Stone Cold

Stone Cold

Lynn had lived in the area since she was born, but had traveled all over the world throughout her life; Germany, England, France, and Asia, to name a few. But with all of her worldwide travel, she can’t recall ever coming across any sort of facility like the one that was recently built in her town. It was finished in what seemed like an overnight build, with how fast it appeared.

Lynn walked to work every day, seeing how it was just a few blocks from her apartment and it was a nice area in the city. But now with this hideous, dark orange-red colored wall of stone that was built, the small park she also passed on her way to work was gone; no more flowers to see or fresh air to breathe. Just a concrete slab of mystery to wonder about every day, along with those oaf looking, guards.

On Tuesdays, Lynn usually worked late at the dental lab that her father started when she was young. She was trying to learn the business to take her mother’s place as the owner since her father left it in the will when he recently passed, that it be handed down throughout future generations. Lynn dedicated one night a week to stay late and go over everything she knew, instead of bringing her work home with her; which her parents did her whole life and she hated.

That next Tuesday, it had gotten dark a little earlier than usual and was cold. Really cold. Lynn bundled up and made her way out the front doors and locked up behind her. As she headed home, a spine-tingling chill surged all through her body, followed by goosebumps covering both her arms. With the streetlights, she could see clearly and always felt safe in the neighborhood; tonight was very different, especially as she neared the medical facility. Passing by, she sped up her walking and crossed to the other side of the street, looking over her shoulder cautiously.

When she turned around to continue towards home, she jumped back. Standing there right in front of her was a tall dark figure, medium build, wearing a lab coat with a name she knew all too well embroidered in the left chest pocket reading “Walter”. As she looked up and caught a quick glimpse of his face, he disappeared. She looked around the neighborhood in shock and horror; finally seeing him on the second-story balcony of the stone building, watching her very closely before disappearing completely.


Celsie Nace

--Author-- Celsie Elizabeth Nace was born in So. Cali in November 1988. She is a single mother of 3 kids; 2 girls, 1 boy. She's always written for fun, but as she started to find herself and write how she wanted, in ways she didn't know she could.View Author posts