7 Steps To Meditate for Brain Health, Mental Fitness, and Energy

Steps Meditate for Brain Health

6. Ignore the Voices in Your Head

While you meditate, there is a little voice inside your head trying to get you to stop.

Don’t listen to the voice. While you are meditating, there is nothing more important for you to do. Just sit.

  • This voice will come up with “great ideas” that you just have to write down immediately.
  • The voice will read your to-do list to you, leaving you feeling pressured to just stop and get something done.
  • The voice will, at least once, utterly convince you that your timer has stopped and you have been meditating for hours and are late for something.

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7. Watch the “Thought Clouds” Drift

Treat meditation as an experiment. Watch yourself thinking. Examine how thoughts emerge randomly and then begin to connect to other thoughts. Watch what happens to thought if you do not nourish them. How do trains of thought stop?

Eventually, you will see that most thoughts are random and not really worth your time. You will also begin to develop an awareness apart from your thoughts. Perhaps the greatest lesson of meditation is that you are not your thoughts.

How to Incorporate a Meditation Practice in Your Daily Life

meditate for health

Many of the skills learned in meditation can be applied to your daily life. Take a two-minute breathing break several times during the day. Watch as your thoughts and ideas turn up at work, in conversation, or while you are solving a problem. Use the same experimental mindset and watch how you behave and think throughout the day.

  • Waiting in line
  • Doing the dishes
  • Feeling upset

Meditation is a skill that needs practice and more practice. Set a daily time for meditation and stick to it. Your brain will benefit from the endlessly fascinating journey into your own mind. Your body will benefit from the deep relaxation and stress reduction

If you find the steps to meditate for health helpful, let us know in comments. Feel free to share it with your friends and loved one who wants to practice meditation for brain health and fitness.

Written by: Mark Stibich, PhD 

Originally appeared on: Verywellmind.com
Republished with permission.

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