Seven Steps To Help You Get Out of a Scarcity Loop for Good

Seven Steps To Help You Get Out of a Scarcity Loop for Good

Steps To Help You Get Out of a Scarcity Loop for Good

Sometimes we get stuck in a cycle of living paycheck to paycheck or hitting a minus balance in our bank account. Experiencing financial struggles can take away our joy and create a sense of dissatisfaction in life.

I put together some hot points when it comes to blocks to financial abundance. It may be uncomfortable to face some of these patterns but they can serve as an opportunity to end the scarcity cycle if you choose to work with them.


1) Difficulty receiving and feeling obligated to return the favor

Receiving can make us feel vulnerable. We are admitting the presence of a need when we receive something. If receiving is a challenge for you, there might be a fear that the person who is offering you kindness, money, love or help will ‘take’ from you something you aren’t willing to give. So, you might reject it from the get-go with this unconscious fear in place. You may try to even out the exchange and give something back right away. This button may be on for you if you feel anxiety about how you will return this favor/gift and want to ‘get to it’ sooner than later.


2) Feeling guilty for past mistakes and blocking abundance as a form of self-punishment

When we start awakening, we become increasingly aware of our past mistakes and the impact we might have had on other people. This is the most uncomfortable side of awakening. Forgiveness is a part of the spiritual path towards wholeness. Pushing away abundance and self-sabotaging our efforts to stay above water might seem like a good way to balance out karma in our own way.

Instead of holding onto guilt, acknowledge what you know you did wrong, make amends if appropriate, and use this awareness as an opportunity to claim a new personal value. In a quiet moment, ask for forgiveness from this person and the Universe. When it is asked from the heart, it is given. Trust this and set yourself free.


3) Not being willing to forgive who have hurt or wronged you

The forgiveness medal has two sides: forgiving ourselves and forgiving others. Our hearts are the gateway into the divine. When we close it, we cut off our own flow of abundance (in any form). Think about who you can forgive and let the process begin by first asking for it and genuinely wanting it. Let go of when and how it will happen. Just be willing and keep the intention and willingness to forgive in exchange for peace. It’s a great place to start. Trust that once the genuine intention is there, you will be shown the way.


4) Associating money with self-worth and not feeling worthy or deserving

This one’s a biggie for most of us. During the times when I was at my lowest low financially, I also didn’t feel loved. I expected it to come from the outside and when it did, I just couldn’t receive it.

There isn’t one person more precious or valuable in the eyes of the divine. Everyone deserves to love and abundance equally. Self-worth can be taught. Research and find ways to increase your sense of self-worth. Affirm what you appreciate about yourself. Make some simple changes in your daily life that can make a big impact – such as: smiling more, doing good deeds, keeping a gratitude journal, taking time for self-care, etc. Small things add up. Pennies add up to dollars, then to thousands, and so on.


5) Financial scarcity is a sign of spiritual scarcity

I have found that when we are not letting ourselves be filled with meaningful connections, nature, creativity, etc., we feel out of the loop of abundance that rests right outside our door. We get so busy trying to have, be, and do for ourselves that we forget that there is so much more we receive from life.

Start by noticing the plenty around you. When you are in the shower, say, “There’s plenty of water”. When you are at a park say, “There are plenty of trees and flowers”, etc. It will get the ball rolling. Train your mind to notice and appreciate the abundance around you.


6) Having a self-identity as a “spiritual person” and choosing to struggle

There is an outdated belief that runs in the human psyche and that is: money is evil and if you are spiritual you should be poor. Money is energy in paper form. What’s more spiritual than energy? That is what we are made of. I discovered that lack of money is about a feeling of deprivation. It’s not just about the numbers in our bank account.

How do you feel deprived of life? Do you lack close, meaningful relationships? Is that why not having a lot of money matters? Where does this belief come from? Can you find evidence for the opposite of it being true? Who would you be without this belief?

Let these questions roll around in your mind and let them bring up what you need to create a different mindset.


7) Feeling resentful of others’ success and abundance

What we think about others, we think about ourselves. When we feel jealous or resentful of someone else’s success, house, social status, etc., we can consciously choose to recognize that there is an unfulfilled longing in us. This is so human.

Here is a different perspective to consider: The other person having that thing (experience, relationship, house, etc.) only increases your chances of having that or a version of it. Because it has been done. We can model them and learn from them.

We all deserve to have an abundance of love, connections, joy, creativity, and adventures. With or without a dollar sign on it. It’s available to every one of us. We just have to remove what is in the way. No matter where you are at on your journey, you can start healing today!



Banu is an intuitive coach and a healer. Her passion is helping women upgrade their relationship patterns and removing mental, emotional and energetic blocks that keep them stuck in these patterns. You can connect with her on her website.View Author posts