6 Steps To Finding Your Soul Mate

Steps Finding Your Soul Mate

Be very careful, however, if you choose to share that you’re looking for your life partner. This can scare some people off, especially if you’ve just met. On the other hand, it can be a great tactic to get those you’re not interested in to back off.

The relatively brief time you have with this person should be spent wisely. By all means, dance and have a good time if that’s what the venue offers, but find some shared ground that you can connect with him or her on. And definitely get the person’s contact information!

Too many times we’ve witnessed great love connections at spiritual events, but when we check on the two parties a month later, we’re told that the individuals never bothered to get each other’s e-mail addresses or phone numbers.

They assumed that if it were meant to be, they’d be magically placed together again someday. While that’s a charmingly romantic notion, it’s one that is guaranteed to cause more emotional angst than the average person is prepared to endure. Besides, the Angels of Love opened a door of opportunity for you, and it is up to you to take the action to step through it.

So make finding a way to contact this person again one of your top goals. If you and this person really feel you are each other’s soul mate—fantastic!

However, it’s time to be patient once again. If this person truly is your intended, then the feelings will last beyond that day.

You’re not meant to keep this person waiting as some sort of bizarre test, but it’s a great idea to get some distance from the situation to see if this really could be Mr. or Ms. Right—and not just Mr. or Ms. Right Now. Particularly if alcohol is involved, waiting—even a little while—is a must before jumping into any sort of relationship.

Take time to get to know each other first by communicating over the phone, through e-mail exchanges, or by spending some time among groups of people.

In The Angels of Love, we offer practical guidance to help you create a relationship that teaches you how to stay true to yourself when looking for a new partnership. If you’re craving love and companionship, it’s important to tread carefully in your quest.

After all, those who feel lonely often settle for unsuitable relationships because they want to fill a void. God and the angels don’t want you to settle because they know that you’ll still feel lonely and unhappy within an unsuitable relationship.

By Grant and Melissa Virtue, Heal Your Life
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Everyone wants a soul mate in their lives, but very few people are actually willing to work towards finding a soul mate. Put in a little effort, and even the Universe will help you in your quest of finding your soul mate. After all, nothing worthwhile comes easy, does it?

6 Steps To Finding Your Soul Mate
Finding Your Soul Mate
Steps Finding Your Soul Mate Pin

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